Women's Swimwear: Mishmish Women's Swimwear

Mishmish It is a brand of Women's swimwear Fresh and innovative, born from the desire to create a quality product that can be a must have in every woman's summer wardrobe: a costume Inevitable and lasting.

The founders of the Martina and Roberta brand, 25 and 24, wanted to challenge the rules of the market Women's swimwear, dominated by models and colors too seen, and create something new.

The simple and clean lines, the enveloping quality fabrics, the comfort given by the absence of labels and unmarried labels, and the search for the best materials and the best solutions to perfect fit are among the features that make Mishmish a Luxury brand a All effects.


Mishmish women's swimsuits

Women's Swimwear Made in Italy

As for the production, the choice was to take advantage of the Italian manufacturing tradition from the beginning, a Made in Italy 100% cared for in every detail and supervised by the founders in every step that leads to the realization and packaging of the finished chief. Exclusive hands that cut the lycra and other high quality materials, giving shape to elegant and sensual models, created to embrace each curve and enhance it.

A brand created by women for other women, with the idea of ​​giving shape to unique garments that can be used summer after summer without ever being out of fashion, without ruining after a few bathrooms nor with the use of solar creams and oils: in short the swimsuit Perfect, what you've always wanted.


Sensual and elegant women's swimwear


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One of the choices that characterize the shopping experience on the site www.mammishswimwear.com it is certainly the possibility of combining the different models, colors and sizes above and below to create the bikini Perfect for each, according to your tastes. However, it is difficult to imagine the fit of a boss that cannot be touched by hand, and is for what from the "Flirty" SS / 19 collection, explanatory videos have been inserted in each product sheet, which show it worn by the model While walking and moving.

In addition, a detailed description will accompany the customer in the choice of the perfect garment, and thanks to the sizes guide it will be even easier to choose the Mishmish right! Other services to consider for an online shopping experience that exceeds all expectations are certainly the tapable shipment carried out via DHL Express, and the possibility of requesting a change for an equal amount of amount or a return with repayment of the entire amount.


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The first signed collection Mishmish It was the "Give to bare ss / 18"Where the bases that accompany the company in its route has been thrown. In fact all the garments were made with a double layer of Lycra Xtralife with high strength, free of closing hooks and annoying labels, spacing between Sgambati costumes, high waist costumes, with deep scones, with iconic pieces like the micro bottom Peachy, Inevitable for all the perfect tan fans.

The "Flirty SS / 19" collection is also unmissable, with new colors to be discovered and above all new technical features! In fact the new "Gipsy 2.0" top and the new "Rebel 2.0" triangle are adjustable of bust as well as straps, thus ensuring a perfect fit to every physique! Another novelty is the Myra model, with top and bottom that can be combined with any other model, characterized by a thin elastic band that acts as a board for the top and for the Brazilian costume To wear high-waisted to climb legs. A must have is also the Savage one piece that, like all whole costumes Mishmish signed, can act as bodysuit combined with a skirt or shorts or from costume: In short, a unique piece to wear at all hours!

Women's swimwear: mini bikini


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Among the bright and selected colors with the attention to the details that characterizes every choice of the brand, in the SS / 19 collection a fantasy Animalier appears, the Animalier whole costume, made exclusively for Mishmish, a spotted costume Which stands out from everyone else thanks to small and rounded stains, lying on a cappuccino-colored background that will donate to tanned skin an extra touch!

Each collection will be a discovery, an innovation led by the desire to improve always without ever turning back to the values ​​of Made in Italy and the values ​​that distinguish Mishmish From the beginning: simplicity, sensuality and quality.