Brazilian bikini: the beloved for all body shapes

Bikini alla brasiliana: l'amatissimo per tutte le body shape

Brazilian bikini: the beloved for all body shapes

When you arrive the opportunity to wear a nice bikini, the thing we pay more attention is the lower part, because let's tell us the truth, the fit B's fit is the obsession of all.
Among the sexiest choices, there is no shadow of doubt Brazilian bikini, a style of iconic briefs that revolutionized beachwear fashion. Born in the fifties, he went through a long series of changes up to the current models, absolutely the most guessed for sensuality and versatility. In fact, Brazilian bikini with its "Latin cut" or tight cut, is perfect for any body shape because it gives roundness and volume to the leanest and enhances the most formous backdrops. A fabulous model, which attributes to women who wear it a female look and helping to flaunt natural curves.
For example, Brazilian Bikini Mishmish, in its simple and solid color cuts, is the ideal choice for a day at the beach or for a pool party. The heart effect on the back, perfectly emphasizes the B side and high waist creates an optical effect that stretches all types of figure. A sexy, elegant and thin lines for a banner without signs.

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