Women's body: the timeless Bodysuit trend

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Women's body

The Women's Body, In tulle, cashmere, cotton or lycra all possible variants of the most versatile and loved case of the moment:
Timeless and without measures, the body still represents a cult for female underwear, one of the accessories that at least once in life is to buy. Sensuality and character in a single head of clothing able to outline and emphasize the forms of every woman without giving up practicality and comfort. The trends in this autumn winter 2019/2020 spoke clear: the bodysuit pairing with skirts and trousers beyond was the winning card of the catwalks but also the unique pass to join the need for a looked day look and elegant.

Body The Inevitable Cape In Each Wardrobe

The body represents the link between the intimate and the clothing: this piece of clothing lends itself very well to a versatile look of both day and night and perfect even under a blazer to complete a suit. Ideal to wear with jeans, or even with different types of skirts and miniskirt. Past the sole purpose of accompanying other garments and its first function of ally in gymnastics, especially in the 1980s, the body today represents an inevitable leader in every woman's wardrobe.
Elegant Women's Body Mishmish New Collection


The different women's body models

There are different types of bodysuit depending on the favorite fabric: from silk, lace passing through the hot cashmere, tulle, fabrics with animal prints, up to the classic stretch or sport version cotton. For those who love the second skin effect also Lycra, in its adherent and forming version, represents a guarantee of elegance and finesse. Every woman can wear the head she prefers and even a body can turn into a unique opportunity to attract attention without sacrificing comfort. Balze games, colors and geometries make the bodysuit perfect for all shapes, from the slender physicists to those curvy: a unique and characterizing accessory.

Choose and wear your women's body

The body adapt to the body curves enveloping, often also bandaging. Depending on the type of physique that wears it, this type of lingerie can be accompanied by a cardigan or a blazer and more and more often worn absolute in transparency over a skirt or trouser. The gold rule? Yes I see I don't see. Transparencies accompanied by pajette, or velvet floccatures, monohwear bodysuit or still in a tank top version with thin straps, ideal to wear in summer or spring accompanied by jeans and sneakers.

Vintage body for a special evening

A trend that brings us back to two precise outfits, the casual and the elegant, to make the difference are mainly accessories. A vintage body can be combined with a spotlight look in the Tailleur, crocodile printed shoes and brightly colored sunglasses. Also in this case you can some excess, from the heel to the slippers with bright and flashy colors.
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Wear a women's body for an easy look

The protagonist of Look Easy and Chic also, the classic jeans combination High waist and bodysuit t-shirt can be accompanied to a sweatshirt or a totally opposite head in an alternation of funny and irreverent styles. Yes to the trench to protect a look that can give a style decidedly in step with the times. Is it time to dare? He wears a body under the absolute coat, accompanied by a high-waisted skirt and boots.
Finally and slender bodies can finally point to Bodysuit in combination with high waist pants: playing with tissues and their softness, you can dare with colors and accessories. Absolutely yes to Bodysuit with effect I see I do not see and nude fund, embellished with embroidery or jewel accessories, for those who love to dare and play with transparencies. What are you waiting for? Buy now the most versatile and inevitable article this year!

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