Fluo colors: the spring summer 2021 trend 💚

I colori Fluo 2021: la tendenza è il Fluo per la primavera estate 2021

Say goodbye to pastel colors, greet the neutral colors; summer 2021 will be marked by a flamboyant return of the fluorescent colors

Appears for the first time on the passarelle of the Paris of the 80s, the neon shades have never stopped by turning on our looks, passing from the psychedelic experiments of the 90s Rave Party clothes to conquer the heads of daily clothing.

At Milan Fashion Week 2018 Prada He colored his catwalk with fluo leaders and, last year, Saint Laurent Used a UV lamp on the models illuminating their clothes.




Total Fluo: one of the trends of next spring summer

This year, for the spring / summer season '21, Versace presented a collection inspired by an imaginary underwater world, characterized by embroidery with corals, beads and ruffles, but above all illuminated by fluorescent colors that shine without fear.

"This collection has a funny soul and is optimistic, dreamer, cheerful ... these are clothes that bring joy" Donatella Versace




In fact nothing is more effective than an access color, vibrant, to donate adrenaline and vitality to our look and, reflex, to our mood. The neon shades then break on the catwalk to give a shock no longer-or not only- on Look Sporty and ActiveWear Clothing but also and more and more on evening clothes and day, to turn on them all the spotlight. Green acid, pink shocking, orange neon, yellow highlighter are the colors that will dominate the summer '21 and, if you don't want to venture a Total Look neon, these colors are perfectly matched to more soft ones, for a contrast that will make them Your dynamic and easily adaptable to every type of situation.



Fluo swimsuit: the Must have for the summer

Alternatively you can also focus on a single flamboyant touch, free light to fluo footwear and neon bags; But the Must Have for next summer will be the chief of clothing par excellence of our holidays, the fluo swimsuit will further exhal the summer tanning. Whole or two pieces Micro Import, the essential is to dare with colors, choosing - for the most reckless- even some neon / psychedelic fantasy.

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