Women's sea cover: Made in Italy woman choppers

Copricostumi da donna made in Italy

Covership Made in Italy woman


None of us should forget when going to the sea to carry a bag covership, an adequate beach outfit with which to spend afternoons full of fun and good vibrations.
How would you otherwise do without the magic touch of a cover combined with the costume to participate in the aperitif at the beach by showing class and elegance?
Very important feature of course it is also the practicality of the chapter, which also enters perhaps in the most striminite bags, so as not to weight the bag and allow you to go from the beach, to lunch in the shade and then maybe to the aperitif with "lightness".
The available models and styles are truly very numerous: there are maxi-size chapters, mini, MIDI, there are beach pants that often have a side slit designed to facilitate movements and above all to keep "low" temperature, there are Of the very soft Kaftans and oversize shirts or t-shirts, even of different colors, from the lighter and fluy colors, to the least showy but warmer colors, up to the darker color palette.
L'Combination of covers It's easy, you can also use shorts and crop t-shirts, the secret is always to express your personality, because it's just so that you really can be elegant. Because it is known that elegance also comes from the ability to be we themselves.
Made in Italy women's covers


Cover dresses:

Rose Gold fabric of dense jersey

Even we of Mishmish decided to offer you the chapters that could enhance your figure, to combine with our customs or the costume you will have already purchased and needs an extra touch.
For example our High-waisted waist trousers it's a covership Really elegant that ends with a soft and wide elephant paw, the ideal also to go out in the evening for an aperitif at sunset, to make a simple whole costume elegant. The trousers also owns an internal meat-colored culottes that will make you feel safe, its fabric of very thin gold-colored jersey, together with the lurex inside the fabric, will make the rest guaranteeing a shrilling effect without giving up comfort.


Made in Italy Cover Dresses

You may maybe if we have thought about how to complete the outfit, perhaps with a cover to wear together with our trousers.
The answer is yes!
Our Crop top rose gold makes quality and versatility two of its recognizable features together with the fabric always in a very thin knit.
Do you want to dare even more? Try them together for a nude 100% look. All our leaders are 100% Made in Italy, a feature that guarantees quality and fit.
Made in Italy women's covers 1
To complete the line of Rose Gold choppers He could not miss a short dress, from a simple tank top cut, to be put on the fly perhaps on a whole costume to be readily ready for aperitif at the beach!

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