What to take to your suitcase for a beach holiday?

Cosa mettere in valigia per una vacanza al mare

How about a nice vacation?

Excluding mountain lovers, those we will find in some refuge after a good skiing, there are still many who prefer hot destinations or spas, the options are different even within a few hours of flight from Italy.
There is Dubai, the unspoiled nature of Mexico, or Budapest and the Canaries. Whether it's on a postcard shore or at the spa to recharge and continue 2019 with an extra gear, to avoid exorbitant fares, we hope that your flight has already been booked, we will help you not to forget anything at home by packing your suitcase .
Fortunately, summer outfits do not take up large volumes, so don't make the mistake of filling your luggage too much: leave room for souvenirs!
So, you are staring at the suitcase that has been in the corridor for a few weeks or you are closing it abruptly at the last second Don't worry, you are close to departure, but don't forget::
- i mishmish costumes. Looking forward to a caramelized tanprefer the plunging necklines of the Dare To Bare one-piece swimsuitOne Piece Red Wine . The nuances chosen in factplay a fundamental role, at first maybe avoid those too muchclear and keep them for when your complexion is golden.Bring the Rebel Triangle Sunset to matchto the Peachy Bottom Sunset , You will not regret it! Made with adouble layer of lycra xtralife they will be perfect for sunbathingon the beach or a diving adventure.
Costumi da bagno Vacanze al Mare
- sarongs or scarves to play with to embellish the costume during the day, which you can also use in the evening and to camouflage the wild fold ofyour hair. A little bit Moira Orfei, a little bit African queen, playwith your look!
- accessories! And by this we mean earrings, bracelets, necklaces,colorful, excessive, light and fun, to move garmentsbasic or one of your own mishmish costumes .
- sunscreen, possibly biodegradable, especially ifexplore some Mexican cenotes or coral reefsEgyptian. An extra attention to our ecosystemAndduty!
- a protective spray for your hair, remember to protect it from the sun and frequent washing, otherwise they will present the bill when they return from vacation.
- a good book
- a GoPro or your smartphone to capture and share the best moments. Do not forget to take photos and videos to look back with nostalgia .. You know, beautiful things always last a short time!
Happy holiday

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