Fluo swimsuit: the history, the 80s, the fluorescent costumes 2021

Costumi da bagno Fluo: la storia, gli anni 80, i costumi da bagno Fluo 2021

Fluorescent swimsuits and 80s


Sport, Netflix series marathon, video calls for more I can't, improvised cooks struggling with pizzas, biscuits and anything else, new hobbies and old books to finish, our days have been well organized and we can say that even on this occasion Fashion didn't leave us alone: ​​giving room for comfort and what we needed.
Suits, sweaters and trousers, but also leggings and tops, for sport at home, in warm and soft colors: from beige, cream colors, to the most intense brown. The comfort has also accompanied us outside the house with the fashion of large jeans super years 90s and comfy pants combined with comfortable sneakers running, to stay on the subject.
But, dear girls, you will be happy to know that the new trend p / s 2021 changes the cards on the table and makes a jump back of a decade: opposing the comfort of the 90s and warm seasonal colors, returns to the colorful race Dance Dance of the 80s!
The fluo It resumes its place in the trendy colors in the new season, and you are ready to make you pull on the morale from this strong energy discharge?
More life, more joy, more fun and, above all, the more you want to return to get noticed.


Fluo swimsuits

Born as "bath clothes", so called because the woman was actually covered by head to foot, these costumes were characterized by bodices, trousers, skirts, half sleeves, thick tissues with seafood lines. The women carried headphones and covered his feet. They put the gloves and protected themselves with the parasols.
With the passage of decades, the amount of fabric used, for our luck, becomes less and less: the pants become shorts, the half sleeves become thick shoulder straps, the skirts are less and less wide until it is completely eliminated.
As it happened with the corsets, with the skirts, with underwear, even the swimsuit accompanies the woman in the long journey of the emancipation: freeing it, step by step, by the constraints that man has also imposed on it in clothing.
Thus we reach the decade of the dance disc, aerobics sessions, tanning lamps; The decade of Madonna runs through the streets of New York in "CErcasi Susan desperately " or Alex dancing in the world of FlashDance... ah, 80's passion!
In the fashion 80's swimsuit, now for a while ago Bikini, has a very important role: we find it among the leaders used to practice aerobics, we find it in the cult films of the decade as an indicative symbol of time fashion We also find it on the dance disc with bright colors to play with the lights of the restaurant.
In the 1980s it is proposed with deep cuts, with very high screws and very powerful fluorescent colors, and above all, the bikinis are super sad and our new Mish Mish Collection 2021 will bring you to relive the emotions of this colorful decade !!!

 Fluo swimwear 80s80's whole fluorous swimsuit

 Whole fluorescent costume

The swimsuit is born in whole and its evolutions over time have been really so many: up to the generation of the millennials who loved to wear the iconic whole red costume of Baywatch.
The Whole fluorescent costume It was inspired: used as a body to do outdoor sports or worn, in fluorescent colors, as a base base in the most "in" 70s - 90s: matched with legamuscles, leggings, crop top And shorts.
The swimsuit It has the function of highlighting the waistline and, if well sung, getting the legs very much. We can find it with deep necklines on the front or back by showing your back. The Brazilian or thong models show off the side B, while the necklines on the front for the small breasts make the costume very elegant.
Fluorescent colors can be well matched: from clearer carnaries to darker ones. If you chose well, based on your skin color, they have the peculiarity of adapting perfectly without the fear of seeing the eye squeezing.
Beach parties, cocktails with friends, or simply to take a dip to the sea, the whole fluo costume is comfortable and stylish for every occasion, it is easy to match, even with a transparent black chopper to play with colors and to put it in Evidence even more.



Fluo bikini

Although already worn by young girls in the Roman Empire period, the bikini is officially introduced into fashion history in the 1940s. Many criticisms on this two pieces that publicly discovered the body of women and many the evolutions he had and continues to have: high waist, low waist, sgambato, thong, in Brazilian, opaque, V, Tanga ...
Not to mention the variations that also presents the piece above the bikini: band, shoulder, triangle, padded and not ...
With the bikini The Mix & Match that allows us to customize our costume mixing colors, models and thus creating unique and personal bikinis; Furthermore the total tan is assured!
With our new collection of Fluo bikini It will be fun to play with prints and colors and create more possible combinations. Return to the hippy style wearing super colored triangles, with shirts, paw jeans, vests and feel a little VIP at the Coachella Festival.
Thong, thong and Brazilian will highlight the forms of your body even more, giving you a new light with our lively fluorescent colors.



The use of fluo color Returns a strong and determined image of the woman, who is not afraid to dare and highlight the stretches of her body that she likes her. Fluo is a color that immediately kidnaps the attention of those who look; A pop color is defined, especially thanks to Andy Warhol who uses them in art works that emphasize objects and protagonists icons of the era of consumerism.
Warhol's works were simple and schematic; The fluo color immediately captured the attention just as if they were an advertising message. Also in this case, the fluo has a very important role and can be fell to understand how the use of this color can give power to those who decide to wear it!



Fluo swimwear: yellow, pink, fuchsia, orange and fluo green

To those who are better a color to those who are better than the other, those who dare with yellow, those who dare with pink ... let's see together with which of these colors our carnagiones marry.
Pink, fuchsia and green we can well match them with the clearest incarnates, while orange and fluory yellow stand out and best match with olive and golden skins.
We can say safely, instead, that the darkest incarnates stand up and look good with all fluorescent colors!
So summarizing, dear girls, don't be scared by them Strong fluo and decisive fluo, indeed worn, dare and mix the various color and print pairings. This summer have fun and played on the beaches of Malibù with safety, wind hair and all eyes on you!

 Fluo Top 80s

Claudia Pallotta

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