Swimsuit: we discover its history

La storia del costume da bagno

How the swimsuit is born?

If we can choose a swimsuit that goes from a bikini to a one-piece, drawing on vintage and playing with fashion, we owe it to the cultural revolution that started with the great post-war provocations.

In 1943 Louis Réard, taking up the challenge launched by his colleague Jacob Heim with the creation of Atome, the smallest swimsuit in the world, went further, showing his navel, the bikini was born! To introduce him, it was necessary to hire a stripper from the Casino de Paris, Micheline Bernardini. Scandal was immediately shouted. It is difficult to imagine the sentiment of the time.Today feminine curves in skimpy swimsuits are exhibited without hesitation, then, even the tan, launched in the twenties by Coco Chanel, was far from the cliché of fashion, preferred to whiteness and to chastened and not very skimpy clothes, a symbol of bourgeois society .

The evolution of the bathing suit

The evolution of the bathing suit is dotted with small achievements, one name among many that of the Australian swimmer and actress Annette Kellerman who was arrested in America for wearing a one-piece swimsuit, leaving her arms bare. The birth of the bikini has certainly revolutionized the concept of femininity. Louis Réard had sensed its provocative significance and was inspired by the name of the homonymous atoll in the Marshall Islands, in the Pacific Ocean, site of US nuclear tests.

The golden years of the swimsuit

Fortunately, the golden years were written thanks to the cinema and the divas of the time. Who remembers in 56 an intense Brigitte Bardot in the film And God created the Indelible Woman also the image of Ursula Andress emerging from the water in the role of a sexy Bond girl in the film Agent 007 License to kill. Since then, monokini, trikinis and the very current v-kini, super high-legged, chosen by celebrities from all over the world, have written the rest of the history of the swimsuit up too a today.

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