Fuchsia fluorescent costume for summer 2021

Costume Fucsia Fluo 2021 mishmish swimwear
Friends belonging to the generation Y Here is you, drum roll, the color that the Millennials have chosen to represent them: Fuchsia Fluo! Our dear fuchsia that contains a thousand meanings in itself: the first and most important of all is the reduction of stress, that is the fuchsia color helps to decrease stress just to look at it, or at least it is so that it is said ... so dear girls hurry up to buy ours @mammisshswimwear Fuchsia Fluo To reduce the stress of these difficult months and finally enjoy our savory days in super relax!

 Fluo pink costume

The rose returned to finally be a genderless color: the Queen Maria Antonietta would be very happy to know that even the males will return to wear this color without being discriminated and who knows if even the pink uniforms of Fontainebleau will not return to fashion! The rose and all its color variants from the narrower to the fluorescent rose returned to the most loved catwalks and there are for all tastes. And as the Vogue magazine says in one of his articles: wearing rose is an invitation to Joie de Vivre, and we want to enjoy it all with our fluo pink costume!
Fuchsia Fluo 2021 costume Mishmish Swimwear 1

Fuchsia costume

The fuchsia costume is the most suitable for our girls with a strong and determined character. The fuchsia costume is ideal for those who love to be noticed and be at the center of attention: a dynamic and youth tint beloved by those who want to convey their passionate and aggressive personality.
Fuchsia Fluo 2021 costume Mishmish Swimwear 2

Fuchsia Brazilian costume Fluo

The Fluo Brazilian costume It will be the strong piece, which chosen in fuchsia color will give your side b greater visibility on the beaches. So dear girls Frizzantine you have found your travel companion that certainly won't disappoint you: the fluo Brazilian costume will be the best friend of girls from the small back because its function is to highlight and round off, thanks to its cut and an effect Optical, more side B making it more visible.
Fuchsia Fluo 2021 costume Mishmish Swimwear 3
Your shots in @mammishswimwear in Fuchsia Fluo will be shared in our stories on Instagram, we are waiting for you!
Claudia Pallotta
Fuchsia Fluo 2021 costume Mishmish Swimwear 3

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