Tanning: How to keep it for a long time with natural remedies 🧜🏼‍♀️

Abbronzatura Naturale

The benefits of sun exposure

We waited for a long time to be able to dedicate to the sea and above all in the sun. It must be remembered that exposure to the sun, with the due use of protection, is really beneficial for the body and is fundamental so that it can synthesize vitamin D.

THEDrug inside and outTo keep the tanning

Now the holidays have come to an end and want to keep your tanning to scream with The most beautiful Swimwear 2019? The first rule to follow is definitely that of drinking so much water, at least two liters a day. Also to prolong the tan and to keep fit in general, you can't miss in your fruit and vegetable diet. For example: melon and peaches or seasonal fruits, and even lettuce, chicory, spinach, radicchio, tomatoes and pumpkin. And lots of extra virgin olive oil and dried fruit, which contain the precious vitamin E, a fundamental ally for the health of your skin.

Shower or bath?

We advise you not to spend too much time immersed in the water as it would favor the exfoliation of the skin and therefore prefer the shower to the bathroom, choosing maybe not too aggressive detergents. Vegetable-based soaps, such as base of walnut troop, and containing oils like that of wheat germ, avocado or even shea butter, will help you keep the skin hydrated and consequently prolong your golden color!

How to maintain tan: the best allies are natural products

In particular coconut oil lends itself to skin hydration after the shower and, if applied on wet skin, it will make it soft and silky as you have never seen it. Don't forget to drink and provide your body to the hydration you need to avoid the appearance of spots. As for the face instead, we advise you to apply a moisturizing cream several times a day. It will also be fundamental to use delicate detergents and perhaps maintaining hydration during the day spraying occasionally thermal water on the skin of the face.Another small tip can be to avoid non-natural scents as they contain high amounts of alcohol, certainly one of the enemies one of the tan, in fact sacking the skin anticipates the desquamation. And even if the summer is turning in the end, why not expose yourself to the sun at the first occasion (meteorologically) useful? This will help you preserve your tanning really long!

Ready for the next trip?

What are you waiting, put our advice into practice and in the meantime let yourself be inspired by ours collection of Swimwear 2019! You never know when you will prepare a suitcase for an exotic location, leaving you the cold and the city behind it, so it is worth doing it with style!

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