Dry Brushing: Ready for the costume test


A simple and economical solution to stimulate microcirculation and fight cellulite!

Brush dry skin: here is what the ancient technique of the Dry Brushing, which is said to be used by Cleopatra, very useful to stimulate circulation, expel toxins and improve the appearance of cellulite. What better way to prepare for the costume test? 

Maybe at the beginning you may seem a gesture a bit abrupt and it could be complicated to carve out 10 minutes in the morning or in the evening, but as soon as you try the feeling of well-being that this gesture will give you, we are sure that you immediately implement it in your beauty routine Daily!

It is now established that one of the main causes of cellulite blemishes and orange skin is a bad circulation and that we could improve the situation by stimulating and reactivating the microcirculation. But what kinds refers to the term microcirculation And above all, a simple remedy like the Dry Brushing Can you really help us? 

Microcirculation represents the most important part of blood circulation and microcirculation is constituted by the capillary network, very complex, in which arterial circle and venous circle meet, and is here that a fundamental function takes place: on one side bring oxygen and nutritious tissues And the organs, and from the other clean the themselves from toxins. 

The brushing of the dry body, without the aid of water or creams, stimulates the microcirculation and even lymphatic circulation, in fact the movements are similar to those made during a lymphatic drainage massage.

If we wanted to make a list of the main benefits of the Dry Brushing, we could say that the main ones are:

  • Deep exfoliation: elimination of toxins and dead cells and excellent depilation preparation (prevents the formation of ingrown hair)
  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system: favors the detoxification of the body
  • Stimulation of blood microcirculation
  • Orange and cellulite skin reduction

It is advisable to carry out the Dry Brushing On dry skin, perhaps in the morning before the shower or evening before going to sleep. It is important to emphasize that brushing could bring a burst of energy and so it would be not recommended to carry out it in the evening, but this effect is completely subjective, you will have to experiment and decide what the time you prefer and in which it is easier to cut out 10 minutes from Dedicate to your body.




How do you use the dry brush on the body?

The most suitable brushes for the Dry Brushing They are in wood with natural fiber bristles, nor too rigid or too soft as for example in cactus fiber. Generally the most comfortable brushes have a fabric band or a knob, useful for keeping them fires in the hand during brushing.

The brush must and can be used throughout the body, while as far as the face is concerned it would be better to choose a smaller and slightly softer appropriate. Among the most frequent tips there is to carry out brushing without wearing any garment, to better foster the stimulation of the lymphatic system. 

In principle, all the movements must be carried out by the bottom upwards and we must pay particular attention to the lymphatic discharge points as ankle, knees, groin and axillary area, which instead require circular movements, always applying moderate pressure, which is comfortable. 

As soon as you get used to this new sensation, you will be yourself to increase the pressure gradually.

We must start from the bottom, from the plant of the feet to the back and with circular movements on the ankles, to then rise towards the knee with vertical movements, always upwards. You can then continue with circular movements at the height of the knee, in front and back, making sure you do not hurry and brush all the surface of the legs, always with movements upwards, from the knee to the thighs and always upwards up Inutening, where other circular movements will be carried out. On the legs then you can insist in areas where cellulite blemishes are more presented with low upward movements.


The part of the abdomen will instead be brushed with a downward movement, starting from the area of ​​the ribs up almost underins, and then pass to the part of the chest that must be treated with circular movements until it reaches arms. Here it is indicated to brush from the hands going up towards the shoulders and towards the heart, and then lifting their arms and passing with circular movements in the axillage area, a very important point for the lymphatic discharge. Particular attention must be paid to the breast area, brushing it with delicacy and with circular movements.

The massage can be concluded with small movements that lead to the clapbolas, and then brushing the back of the neck upwards. The back could be massaged with a brush with a longer handle, which however is uncomfortable for the other areas of the body, so maybe it is advisable to buy a second brush from the long handle.

It is obviously not recommended to practice the Dry Brushing In the presence of wounds, eczema, herpes, varicose veins and other pathologies so it would be indicated by the doctor's opinion. 

A tip to dedicate the right time to this daily gesture is to listen to a song that you like a couple of times (or a track at least 7-8 minutes), to make the moment of Dry Brushing A cuddle in all respects.

We also advise you to cleanse your brush at least once a week, with a neutral detergent or soap, and then dry it to the air, far from heat sources. 

What are you waiting for? Run to choose your brush to practice Dry Brushing And immediately start introducing this practice in your routine! You will be surprised by the feeling of wellness and lightness that such a simple gesture can give you, but also from visible results on your skin after some time. 

Obviously as for every remedy, especially if natural, to be able to appreciate the results it must be emphasized as constant is important, as well as combination with a healthy and balanced lifestyle.



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