2019 fashion skirt: autumn winter 2019-2020 skirts

Gonna moda 2019: le gonne Autunno Inverno 2019-2020
With the arrival of autumn and the change of season we will certainly have to update the wardrobe; The most boring part will be to set aside some outfits that we particularly liked. A boss, however, that certainly we will not put aside, to wear even when the temperatures are lowered, it is certainly the skirt, one of the winning trends of this year's fashion.
Fashion skirt 2019: Longuette skirt, leather miniskirt, pleated skirt
Long skirt
The common feature emerged from the various fashion weeks, from  Milan in Paris, concerns the relaunch of the skirt, an accentuated length skirt, which leaves ankle and calf discoveries, allowing the most imaginative combinations: with sneakers shoes for a casual chic look, or with the boot for a more decisive look.
Longuette skirt
One of the most important style examples compared to the skirt is certainly the one provided by Sweden's elegant Sofia, a famous woman not only for her beauty, but above all for her essential and elegant style, never exaggerated. Lei longuette skirt of her -model that she prefers right now - is an impeccable and elegant way to enhance the figure of her; So why not try doing the same?
Fashion skirt 2019: Longuette skirt, leather miniskirt, pleated skirt
Try wearing a longuette skirt, a red color to immediately hit the look, a green for a more citizen look, or even a yellow, cheerful and fun to wear in more easy situations, like an aperitif with friends.
Together with the longuette skirt, we recommend wearing a sweater: the classic turtleneck or even a lighter sweater, to combine strictly with the color chosen for the skirt; Comfortable shoes, right color sneakers and your look will tend to be more hipster, or a pair of decolletèè, for a more elegant evening. To complete everything we recommend a shoulder stroll, perhaps in leather, or a small handbag with a comfortable and light hand.
Leather miniskirt
For those who love Street Style, we recommend a leather skirt: the skin miniskirts this autumn really dictates the trend, perfect for the change of season and to enhance the tanning again. The example to follow in this case is that of Charlotte Casiraghi who, intercepted by photographers at the fashion show of Yves Saint Laurent, wore a leather miniskirt, completing her total black look with a t shirt and a wide blazer, with her legs discovered And with décolletées shoes that slanted the figure even more. Aggressive look, almost from Rockstar for one of the most fascinating women in the world.
Pleated skirt
Last example we point out is that of Zara who reinterprets a classic, the pleated skirt with the lace edge that was the boss most observed at the last parade of the famous brand, attracting the attention of the public and photographers, an elegant garment And at the same time perfect for everyday life.

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