Christmas in the sun: Christmas holidays in the sun

Vacanze di Natale al Sole

Christmas in the sun

Sea, sun, Christmas. Unusual weave, yet Italians always prefer the idea of ​​passing the winter holidays to the heat in the most or less close to the boot. And here is the Christmas beachwear, interesting anticipation of summer 2020 trends. From the floral prints of the trend folk, to the perfect geometries of sportswear to testorism, in a game of graphic exercises protagonists of whole costumes or bikini all to combine with the beaches More exclusive than winter.

Christmas holiday in the sun

Christmas in the sun: Christmas holidays in the sun
Mete notes and less notes, the choice of winter's warmest beach is not new thanks to the increasingly numerous routes opened by airlines to exclusive and uncontaminated destinations, across the world. Hot destinations for Christmas and beach combinations so they become the perfect allies of a luxurious and exclusive holiday to do at least once in a lifetime.

Where to go for the Christmas holidays in the sun?

The French Polynesia, Le Hawaii and still destroy almost twenty-four hours of travel from Italy, offer the possibility of combining the hot exotic beaches at Christmas sports and vital costumes, able to enhance the essence of the woman. Barbados, Phuket and Bali inspire dreamy clothes, two folk and floral pieces, almost on the border with the pristine reality of the green of these spaces where the thin line between man and nature is almost imperceptible. Dubai, capoverde or even the Canary Islands leave no room for fantasy for beauty and distance relatively short from Italy, ideal destinations for the Christmas holidays. These spaces are perfect to show off a cosmopolitan and abstract touchwear with futuristic features.

Christmas holidays in the sun in bikini

What is the destination for Christmas 2019, the MODAMARE 2020 trend has no doubts: at the center of the scene the woman in all the sensual perfection of her, with whole costumes also suitable for the sweetest roundishness and artistic bikini from the drawings and textures that will conquer you Bother And which you would choose?

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