Paw trousers The return: Zampa trousers again a must have

Pantaloni a zampa: scopri i pantaloni a zampa di elefante

Paw pants that passion!

Flared, long or calf, i Seventy king trousers Seduce 2020, even by the pool
A timeless trend without spaces: i paw trousers I am a must have from the taste of the great return. The most interested addicted in the latest trends have not lost time: from the jeans to colored tissues, the seventy style par excellence, hippie and romantic, has re-conquered just all. But let's see why.
Return pants: Zampa trousers again a must have 1

Flared paw trousers, wide, where is the trick?

History tells us about an ideal style for every kind of silhouette, pioneering in the seventies for all those women from free and independent style, eager to screw and wrap the hips, without sacrificing the comfort of the trousers.
Return paw trousers: Zampa trousers again a must have 2
THE Flared jeans with calves They slanged the physicality and exalted the curves, giving grace and sensuality to any kind of figure. The Must Have then as of spring / summer 2020 remains the top, in combination short and samally, with clear and tenuous shades, such as the summer heat.

Elephant paw trousers

And if you are undecided about what to wear or buy for this new year, don't miss the chance to imagine a timeless piece for your wardrobe. The elephant paw in fact returns to furrow the catwalks in its multiple versions: from the refined texture to the geometric design, passing through summer and irreverent colors, or seductive transparencies.

Women's paw trousers

A revalued and reworked style to meet the needs of how many have approached the nude look rediscovering the essence of femininity, in the candid perfection of the "naked" body. The elegance of the forms highlighted to the right points, the unmistakable style of a slendered body and still the independence of jeans, a symbol by announces of emancipation of the seventies make a seemingly hippie style, a real pricing not to be missed.
Paw trousers The return: Zampa trousers again A must have 3

Paw pants 2020

But the fashion of the seventies peeped in 2020 giving yes comfort and malice, but also innovation: ai Elephant paw trousers today they flank Bell jeans it's at flared paw, but up to the calves. Ideal pairing with sandals and wedges, but also sugar and casual sneakers, at the beginning and end season. The top? A Basic White T-shirt and a blazer, serious effect but not too much.
And at the Sea is not commanded: even the pool edge of a luxurious spa or still the golden beach of Rimini or Riccione, still the warm lava stones of the Aeolian. To move in freedom on a yacht or comfortably under the umbrella, the summer challenge remains the elephant paw in light tissues, from delicious transparency, accompanied by sensual and elegant tops. Exceptional covers, protagonists of a party at the pool or still casual accessory summer 2020 to accompany themselves in everyday commissions, in a holiday resort.

How to combine paw pants?

The fundamental accessories remain the small tricks of the nude look, creams dedicated to body and face care, frequent scrubs and a certain brightness dictated by the choice of a face cream specifically dedicated to its own type of skin. A total look that suggested by Jeans in elephant paw or from the flared cover, which reports yes to the essence, but with the slightest care of every detail.
Return paw trousers: Zampa trousers again a must have 4
A game of see I don't see that seduces and conquers, for a luxurious and refined look, ideal for all seasons to come. But a doubt remains: the shoe?

What shoes put with paw pants?

Ideal to match under the elephant paw They are absolutely high and wide heels in addition to the intertwined sandals. The important thing is that the shoe worn never touches the pants when its length is half an ankle, or that this never touches it completely on the ground, dirtying. Because hippie yes, but with elegance!

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