Thong: the history of the thong and the fashion of the thong

Perizoma: costume a perizoma



The history of the thong

Sensual and timeless garment, the thong has now decades a story made of mystical attractions of bodies and impossible I see I don't see.
An accessory of the female intimate wardrobe that leaves no room for allusions and interpretations: the thong remains inevitable in a woman's drawer. But what is the story of her? Who invented the thong and what was initially used?
Vintage thong Helmut Newton
It is in fact quite difficult to imagine that a time some women could with ease to wear such an approximate and essential garment. And indeed it is true: the thong for women initially was neither imagined nor drawn. From the first apparitions, the intimate accessory had set the sole purpose of covering and defending male intimate part during fighting and daily life. A first historical trail of the thong in the ancients dates back to the Miceneo and Minoo period approximately in the second half of 1500 A.C. The Greeks themselves are depicted in different terracotta vessels wearing what they themselves defined as "went" around and "Zonnymi" ginger.
In the centuries and indeed before and after Christ the movement linked to the utility of the thong in men is not missed. Even the Romans and the Etruscans used the thong, calling him Subligaculum. The wrestlers of his in the 6th century D.C. In fact, they began to use the flap of animal and vegetable skin precisely with the intention of covering during body clash, the most delicate parts. Same idea for sportsmen throughout 1800. yet in 1900 on horseback with the discovery or rather the invention of the legendary miniskirt and again with the emancipation of the woman between the sixties and seventy, the thong has found a new location in the Female intimate wardrobe, becoming an accessory with high sensuality and very little used by men. Its male diffusion remains consequently linked since the 1980s of the twentieth century, to a limited rank of men, primarily sporting than the thong would benefit interesting for the purposes of moving body stability.
From 1970 to our years, the thong for women represented a real challenge to the body and his sensuality. Indeed especially from Slender physicists, no sensual and unforgettable provocations were missed in the history of the thong: historic the involuntary performance of the upper portion of thong from Lewinsky jeans in 1998, creating the myth of "T" for all 1960s; Or again the famous video of Cher "IF I Could Turn Back Time" where the singer in the eighties showed provocatively took the intimate garment. Instead dates back to 1975 and therefore to the arbori of the female thong, the shot of Helmut Newton Immortizing Lisa Taylor and Jerry Hall wearing his head. The photos, taken in Miami in 1975, remembered by mastery and precision also the struggle between two almost hellenic bodies in their perfection, while the two women waided in the sun wearing only the thong, they would officially sanction the beginning of an timeless era For one of the most provocative intimate heads ever.
Helmut Newton thong

Types of thong

As often happens when you have to do with a number of intimate garments, the thong can be easily confused with the thong or even with the Brazilian.
The classic thong, in its known form to all is recognizable because it has a completely covered front and a back composed of a flap of cloth of about 2.5 cm that surrounds the perianal area.
The thong is substantially composed by a single thread that crosses the belt area and the perianal one, showing only the frontal area cover.
The Brazilian finally is the delicate and irreverent compromise between a brief and a thong, offering a front and rear cover and showing itself similar to the thong in the cloth stools covering the perianal area.
The main purpose of this type of garment is certainly to show the upper part of the thong, thong or Brazilian it is, slightly out of the trousers. A fashion that for a certain period of time has literally crossed the wave of success thanks to hipster


Tanga, thong or Brazilian?

Wear a different intimate accessory from the usual is not from all. Some women when they have to wear a thong feel a thousand doubts assault them. The physical appearance, fit, comfort.  Yet many women with thong, when they start to carry intimate clothing of this type, they hardly detach themselves. Because? It seems that wearing a thong, a thong or a Brazilian both convenient and functional thanks to the minimum amount of cloth moving around the body.
Certainly a discriminer in choosing the underwear to wear is in the awareness of one's body and in the ease of those who wear it.
For example, wear a lace perizoma or a thong of the same material can highlight the contours through clothes. The main purpose of this type of boss is usually just to give a nude effect under the most adherent clothes. High-waisted thongs also tend to not "cut" the hips, grease the figure.
Thong costume: integer costume in thong
Hygiene and thong
One of the myths to be missed about the idea of ​​wearing a thong is certainly that of hygiene. Many actually argue with reasonable reason, which bring so narrow and essential underwear involve a high risk of contracting diseases. In theory this can be possible in any case there is no correct daily hygiene. The right council is to wear a thong for alternate days and avoid use when for example going to the gym, or you are indisposed. The winning idea could be to alternate the days when wearing a thong, such as weekends or even when tight clothes need it. Many women continue to say that once used to this kind of provocative underwear, they even found it comfortable and comfortable.


Fabrics and trends in thong

Given the high possibility of contracting irritations or any annoyances from the continuous use of thong, several materials have been studied for the creation of versatile and unharmed intimate garments. Polyester, polyamide or elastane are just some of the materials interested in creating perizomas. By now the latex is also widespread as the classic cotton, silk and tulle.
Each type of skin needs its type of fabric, preferences for black and nude, the classic meat remain high among the preferred color variants.
Games of colors and fantasies can be seen in lace thong, white thong and silk thong, where colors like blue, turquoise and the typical New Year's red leave no room for imagination.
As already anticipated there are also different types of thongs, but specifically the one that is called in English Thong, assumes additional declinations and definitions in English, giving the possibility to every woman to wear the garment that best suits him.
The word Thong in English literally means strap, while string - other way to define the thong - it means rope. These two terms then offer their additional version: the string or G-string to represent a minimalist thong, where the front is reduced by giving space to a single thread to close hips and outline the perianal area. The shape of the cord to the glutei area also offers the possibility of distinguishing the T - back and the delta. Depending on the way of joining the elastic from the area of ​​life to the perianal area. The Y-Back finally proposes to eliminate almost the visibility of the perianal cord.
Perizoma 2019 Mishmish 
The latest catwalks of 2019/2020 could not help re-launch the thong even in the most unexpected looks, I see option I do not see priceless for the nostalgics of the 2000s, where thong, thong and Brazilian have furrowed the catwalks and the sides b more Known jet-set.
Some types of thongs can also be seeded in solid color, elasticated or still contrasting in transparency. The tulle, the lace or still the satin finally, are special able to make this type of underwear a real ally at times of deep intimacy.
One day of the year more than others deserves attention to this regard: Wearing the New Year's thong is a timeless, timeless must. The red color of the thread and the provocative transparency of the I see I do not see they now part of the collective imagination of those who dream of the 31st to celebrate one  Night in the name of sensuality and love.
Yes, then the red thong at New Year, and still yes at the nude effect under a tight dress.


Men's fashion thong

Born initially precisely for male needs, the thong has over the centuries and above all in the twentieth century, lost that competitive meaning that it represented, to promote the aesthetic and sensual aspect all belonging to the female world. Yet it seems that there is no more indicated ergonomic, safe and functional alternative of the male thong. There are different types of thongs for men: Thong Bulge also said string bulge that translated would mean "perizoma with ledge" or still Thong 3D.


Le Body Thong: Unisex man woman

A fashion not much known at least in Europe is certainly that of the body thong. Used both for the sea and for some sports, both men and women I can prefer it to the classic simple thong. Many men use it even in sport, and often dancers use it as intimate accessory to perform. The body-thongs can also arrive even to not touch the sides and to completely uncover the side of the body, so called "belt". Even the One Side Thong version, or the thong on the one hand, offers the possibility of having a part of the body such as the chest, completely discovered thanks to a particular crosses on the sides of the groin.

Luxury thong

A garment that may not even know expense: some types of satin and silk thong can reach high prices and worthy of their own manufacture. The choice of hypoallergenic materials, precious fabrics and exclusive lace can really make a difference. Budget from low prices of some types of thongs: you will certainly buy a boss of low quality and certainly harmful to your intimate health.

The sensuality of the thong

Timeless and timeless, since the thong has taken over in the panorama of feminine intimate fashion, there was no time when not only a place of honor in the male erotic panorama, but above all a mysterious sensuality in the collective imaginary. He appreciated first from women, the thong represents the all-female challenge to the limitations that have been inflicted by women over the centuries. A sense of freedom and independence that challenges and captures the eye but also that provocatively amazes the man. An object of the desire to wear when you want it, a symbol of sensuality and safety in themselves, the thong represents one of the inevitable accessories in a woman's wardrobe.
And after all Joey Adams in a quote on the thong said:
"A thong is like a barbed wire fence. Protects the property without obstructing the visual ".

Thong with jewelry

A version decidedly beyond the common, showy and at the same time highly luxurious imagery, it is the fashion relating to thong with jewelry. In pearls, Swarovski crystals, with gold details, this type of intimate garment does not know rivals in terms of elegance and at the same time provocation. Of all versions, closed, open thong, micro thong, perizoma with pearls or thong with precious jewels, there is no shortage of seeing endless versions  And to wear it for every occasion.


Not always in the most optimal physical conditions, wearing a thong can be easy for a woman. The insecurities hidden behind this garment can be endless. Want well and feel good to your body involves a series of small attentions. Treat yourself to sensuality with a thong can be a way of giving proper body, rediscovery. Yes then to purchases dedicated to the world of sensuality and the pleasure of feeling good.
And here are some suggestions for an etiquette of the Intimate:
1) Wear a complete intimate does not mean being sensual only, but also at ease with themselves. For this reason, always choose the thong model, Tanga, Brazilian who most suited one's body, without pretending to exal it into negative.
2) always preferred complete
3) If the bra cup has many and excessive details, do not overdo to make the thong too charged with jewelry and colors. Elegance gives an absolute charm touch

Black thong, red thong, white thong

Every occasion has its color, the bare thong lends itself to be worn under clothes in transparency, but also white is a timeless alternative if well combined with the right bra. The black thong represents the essential class and ethereal of many love nights while the red thong points to the party. The accessory par excellence of New Year's Eve, Christmas and all romantic events, primarily inevitable ...  The thong on Valentine's Day.
Choosing the color of your thong is also indicated to enhance complexion. Clear colors for dark skin and dark colors for light skins. Yes in fluorescent and foolish colors with tan, no to thong consumed. Throw them as soon as they become worn by time, there is no less sensual accessory of an underwear consumed by time. Yes to the intimate of luxury, sought after and cared for in the smallest details.

By the sea in thong

There are different types of swimsuits 2020 ideal for those who want to wear a thong to the sea, enhancing their physique.
Mishmish Swimwear Summer Thong Costume 
Opt for a full swimsuit from the typical "T" back shape and connected behind the neck, you can have the great advantage of covering the curves at the right points, but also giving momentum to physical. The signed effect and the well-tense cup of the upper lace finally will emphasize the B side.
Breast cover and back cover? No problem. Sensual and counter-current effect that of the costume with maxi ruffles, lace in evidence, almost similar to small tops. Slow colors and covering effect for curves that will highlight every right point. The perizoma costumes are among other things the extreme sense of summer sensuality, the unexpected one that everyone dreams of being able to wear not only to the sea, but also by the pool or spa.
Even the shoulder bath swimsuit, in the Brazilian version, thong or thong can be ideal to highlight a breathtaking physique.
And if the curves were to be a problem, don't worry. Special geometries, effects on costumes, dark colors and side ruffles will guarantee you an immediate slimming effect. The idea that to prefer elastic band thong around the surroundings of life, giving the possibility to all women and all kinds of physicists to enjoy the wonderful "T" form, a delta or "y".
The ideal would be to combine a band bikini a band bikini. The trend for 2020 speaks clear: away with floral motifs ideal for warm sunny and colored beaches like violet, acid yellow and red. The tan is fine to all, for this reason the idea of ​​daring with more flashy colors can also be an idea.
At each type of skin therefore the right emphasis and to every type of body, the right thread!

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