Skincare winter ❄️

Come proteggere la pelle dal freddo

Skincare: winter and sensitive skin, practical guide ❄️

How to protect the skin from the cold? The golden rule for a luminous skin even when the cold starts to be heard? Hydration. The skin in fact undergoes the stress of temperature changes and tends to dry up and to reduce more. Our advice will help you preserve and illuminate your skin even in the coldest months.

How to protect the skin from the cold

1. Clean accurately and delicately

A good cleansing is the basis of taking care of your skin. It is essential to remove make-up, smog residues and impurities that are deposited on the face during the day and there is no better way ofOil Cleansing, ie with oils or oily detergents. The principle underlying the use of oily products is that of Creation by affinity, according to which similar dissolves similar, allowing the fat base to optimally dissolve cosmetic products and make-up, also based. Also use oils allows you to choose and use a single product for all areas of the face, also leaving hydrated and soft skin.

The last and fundamental passage will be to proceed with the method of Double cleansing And go and remove oil residues and other dry base particles with a foaming detergent or a special microfibre cloth and warm water, massaging it thoroughly on the face and then rinse. However, cleaning will go to strip the skin of its natural barrier and fatty acids therefore, especially for those who have sensitive skin, it is advisable to cleanse and purify the face only once a day, preferably in the evening.


2. Prediligi fragrance free products (without perfume)

One of the most widespread ingredients in creams, lotions and detergents is certainly the scent, often accompanied by the presence of alcohol. In most cases this ingredient has no natural origin, and its presence can lead to redness, itchy and excessive dryness, especially for those who have sensitive skin. Prediligi therefore products that are specially formulated for sensitive skin, fragrance free And which contain soothing ingredients.


 3. Hydrate meticulously and illuminates

To have a radiant skin even during the coldest period of the year, don't forget to hydrate your face by choosing products rich in emollient and nutritious ingredients, which contribute to making the skin brighter and elastic. The principle of the principle will be to be reversed during this time of year "Less Is More" And compensate for the lack of hydration due to the cold by incorporating its own beauty routine two or more highly moisturizing products, such as sera and oils. Highly recommended products containing hyaluronic acid, to be applied immediately after cleansing, which helps seal and retain moisture inside dry skin. As for oil, it is advisable to opt for a face oil that contains a high percentage of omega fatty acids, the main constituent element of the skin barrier in nature. To follow apply a moisturizing face cream, to seal serests and oils and guarantee lasting hydration.


4. Exfolia regularly but don't overdo

Removing dead cells from the surface of the skin so that moisturizing products penetrate more effectively is essential, even more in winter and even more for those who have sensitive skin. Exfoliation must therefore be an integral part of the winter beauty routine, but always without exaggerating and preferring fine-grained products, non-aggressive peeling that stimulate cellular replacement and face skin microcirculation, renewing the epidermis and helping to donate brightness.


The well-being of the skin, as well as the physical one, therefore is based on finding the right balance and the right products. Do not settle for the first product that you find on a magazine or feel like a friend but experiments, research and heads first.

Every skin has different needs and nn is said that what works for someone else will be just as suitable for you. Furthermore we can affirm with absolute certainty that all part of the interior, so do not forget to hydrate your body by drinking conspicuous amount of water, also taking advantage of cold temperatures to give you a moment of relaxation and a hot herbal tea.

As Oscar Wilde said: "TO LOVE ONESELF IS THE BEGINNING OF A LIFELONG ROMANCE", that is, "loving themselves is the beginning of a long love story a lifetime".


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