The Barre Method


Slender and defined legs? The method BarsThat's what you do for you!

The bar is a training method -at the bar,Note - which combines the techniques of classical dance to those of Pilates. In fact, it is not surprising that to invent it was a dancer, Berk struggles, who saw opening his first bar of bars in London, in 1959. Lotte Berk arrived in Great Britain in 1938, fleeing from Nazi Germany and, from a basement in the West End , he founded a method of exercise for women: his exercises have become a worship for star and celebrity and, to date, the method at the bar is used even by Victoria's Secret models.


But what consists of and because it is so loved by star and celebrity

Thanks to the muscular strengthening of dance and deep perception of the single movement of Pilates, this training will visibly improve the area of ​​legs and buttocks.

The lesson sees the alternation of isometric exercises to repeated contractions and springs, thus giving stimuli of different intensity and speeds to the muscle, fundamental to allow him to define themselves without giggling or swelling.

Most exercises uses some of the classical dance positions, stressing in an intense way those muscles that, with the "classic" exercises of legs and buttocks in the gym, would not otherwise be stimulated.

From not underestimated the part dedicated to the mobility and muscular stretching exercises, fundamental to allow muscles to work at its best, with greater depth and intensity during the exercises at the bar: from the mobility of even to movements of real muscle elongation, Thanks to whom you can mention a split will be easier than imagined!


Who can do it

Don't be scared by the fact that the training takes inspiration from the techniques of classical dance, because to carry out this course it is absolutely not necessary to have practiced this discipline, nor having a sense of rhythm or coordination: these are not choreographies and ballets, but of A real workout focused on legs, buttocks and abdominals, very intense and with very few pauses, during which you will hear your legs work and burn like no other workout done before: it is one of the most effective techniques for tonic and slender legs and buttocks More sodium. You will love the results, see already after the first 4/5 lessons!


What you use

The training mainly uses the bodyweight, ie the weight of your body, but it can happen to use 1kilo or elastic bands, generally for the upper body (arms and dorsal) to which a small part of the training is dedicated.

The main part takes place however to the bar, just that used by the dancers! - But alternatively the backrest of a chair or a navel height table can be used.


How and where you can sign up and follow the course

It is possible to carry out the courses Bars Even comfortably from home, booking the online lessons of the teacher Valentina Schisa, a professional partenopean ballerina who, after studying the method in New York, has declined a personal call version The Barre Method.As mentioned before, a simple chair will be enough and some other small accessory.

Alternatively - and if you live in Naples - you will find the course at theMovement atelier, and its very first debut tomorrow at the gym Profighting Napoli Club.

For any information you can contact you, writing to her Instagram's profile @ thebarre.method 
What are you waiting for, immediately start with a free trial!


Some words of the dancer and Neapolitan teacher Valentina Schisa

"I met the bar method in New York, where I stayed for several months to deepen each facet and, thanks to my experience of dancer and dance teacher, I recreated my personal method that could help women improve the areas for Years I fought to improve first on everyone, on myself.

I love teaching, see the bodies improve, grow and edit. I am a 'esthete and strongly believe in the possibility of turning through a healthy approach to sport and power.

At the age of 16 I had a very strong car accident that forced me to bed for 3 months. In addition to breaking so many bones and oblige me to an operation on the shoulder - in which I was putting the titanium grafts- they told me that if I had returned to walking ever I would have danced again ... I trained like no one ever, I fought e I realized that I had to collaborate with my body and don't go against it, and that only so I would be successful in my goal: dance and do it in a professional manner.

The bar is the result of my experiences and my desire to help everyone overcome the limits that we often ask ourselves. Working on your body Every day and pose small monthly goals is the best way to live sports in a healthy and positive way. It is in small steps that large and lasting changes are built. "




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