DIY masks for skin and hair

Maschere fai a te per pelle e capelli

DIY masks for skin and hair



Taking self-care in a simple and cheap way? Just have some time!

DIY masks, based on food ingredients, represent an excellent and easy solution to take care of self in a simple and cheap way. And what better time than this to dedicate two beauty cuddles! Prepare them at home will be very simple: take a look at the pantry of the kitchen or to the refrigerator, in these places we hide surprisingly beneficial ingredients for skin and hair.

But before deciding which ingredients to use and what recipes realize, it is essential to know the type of skin and / or hair on which the mask will be applied (because, aihmè, we are not all the same!).

That's why we decided to divide them according to the needs for which they prove useful or even ideal, hoping to do what is welcome and keep you a bit of company❤️

Let's start with the DIY masks for the skin: oily or mixed skin, sensitive or reddened skin or that needs some extra brightness!

Fat and mixed skin

If the problem of your skin is the excessive production of sebum, you will be happy to know that many foods that are frequent in the kitchen are precisely useful to this imperfection.
For mixed skins instead, just apply the mask on some areas of the face (usually the T area).

Honey and lemon mask


  • Half lemon
  • Honey
  • oatmeal

The lemon has strong astringent and purifying properties, while honey serves to soothe the very aggressive action of lemon; Finally, oatmeal that, in addition to exfoliating the skin of the face, also has anti-inflammatory and anti-irritating properties, useful for attenuating any acne and pimple inflammation.

He mix in a bowl a tablespoon of honey with two tablespoons of oatmeal, then add half lemon juice.
Apply the mask on the face for 10 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water.

Tonic to apple vinegar


  • Apple vinegar
  • Waterfall

Another valid ally against sebum production and impurities is apple vinegar: famous for its antimicrobial effects, apples vinegar helps to remove dead skin cells and to regulate sebum production.

He mix a tablespoon of apple vinegar (if organic, even better!) At 1/2 glass of water and with a little wadding buffer the mixture on the parts of the face that interest you. Lets act for a few hours or even all night, then rinse with warm water.

Dried / sensitive skins

If instead your skin is very sensitive or easily irritable, here are some ingredients that will be very sweet with your face's skin!

Lenitive masks and  nutrients


  • 1 potato
  • Oatmeal

The oatmeal in fact, from the thousand resources, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties acts perfectly on the reddened skins.
The starch present in the potatoes instead will feed the skin, making it incredibly soft and smooth.

Crush the potato until you get a puree and join a tablespoon of oatmeal: posing for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Alternatively, here is another recipe for delicate and sensitive skin she sees  As a protagonist the chamomile, from the strong calming and soothing properties:


  • Chamomile infusion
  • Honey
  • Oatmeal

He mixes chamomile infusion to a tablespoon of honey and one of oatmeal: posing for 10 minutes and rinse!

Exhausted skins

The skin turned off or slightly is often due to a bad or even absent beauty routine. More specifically, most of the time it is caused by failure to exfoliation. In fact, the skin cells die and regenerate day after day: it is precisely the presence of dead cells on the face of the face to cause that dark and off effect. It is therefore a good habit, for an always healthy and radiant skin, run scrubs or apply chemical exfoliating substances - as glycolic acid, present in many cosmetics - regularly, depending on the characteristics of your skin or more or less aggressive products Used.

That's why in this case, instead of a mask, we recommend a DIY scrub:here  You will find all our proposals for a 100% Home Scrub Made!

He scrubs in the evening and preferably after a shower or a warm bath, so as to soften the skin and expand the pores, facilitating the detachment of dead cells and impurities from the face, and remember to avoid the most delicate areas, like the outline eyes!

Before applying our recipes on the face, apply a small dose on the wrist, to see how the skin reacts.
If you suffer from allergies or you have particular skin problems, always ask advice to your dermatologist before trying a new treatment.

Before switching to someHome Made MaskFor hair, you need to know that the secret for soft and resistant hair is hydration. Fortunately, they are really numerous foods rich in moisturizing and nutritious properties capable of making our chiomas irresistibly soft and shiny!

Try some recipes proposed by us and, if you are too lazy, know that even a simple olive oil wrap or coconut oil will bring very satisfactory results.

For all hair

Banana mask


  • 1 banana
  • Olive oil

Cut the banana to pieces, crush it up to get a puree, and add a couple of spoons of oil: posing for half an hour and then continue with the shampoo.

The banana, rich in vitamins and mineral salts, is a truly valuable ally for health and hair wellness. However, it can be a real puzzle if you don't pay attention to the consistency of the mask, especially for your hair that are not perfectly smooth: it is very important that banana is as smooth as possible to avoid having difficulty eliminating it with shampoo.

If you have frizzy or curly hair, easy to nodes and little you comb, then we recommend this alternative, ie:

  • banana
  • Add a glass of soy milk
  • Add a spoonful of honey
So as to obtain a more liquid compound and suitable for hair that are not perfectly smooth.

    For an even brighter chioma it is sufficient to add a few drops of apples vinegar to the previously obtained natural compounds.

    Fat scalp, hair that get dirty

    If the problem of scalp is the excessive production of sebum, do not fear, there are very useful ingredients for this too!

    Mint mask and apple vinegar


    • Fresh mint
    • Apple vinegar

    Mint, thanks to its astringent qualities, has a great purifying effect and helps normalize sebum secretion. The apple vinegar instead, helps to regularize the pH of the scalp - illive to donate brightness to the hair.

    To make this mask it is necessary to let macerate in the water the fresh mint leaves for an hour together with two tablespoons of apples vinegar. Posing for 15 minutes and a shampoo!

    Lemon mask


    • Lemon
    • flour

    Lemon juice is ideal for eliminating the grease from the skin. Just squeeze two lemons, join the juice to two tablespoons of flour and apply everything directly to the scalp for 15 minutes. Then rinse carefully. Attention, however, not abusing this pack: the risk could be that of excessively drying your hair!

    For other hair tips read our article onhair care,  A complete guide for always soft and bright hair!


    All you have to take you to give you a COCCOLA BEAUTY in this period forced at home and try these totally natural beauty recipes!


    And finally, a virtual cuddle even from us❤️ 

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