BIKINI TOP: Fluo Bikini, Colored Bikini, Double Face

If you are looking for the bikini top best suited to the shape of your body and your breasts, you are in the right place! We offer a wide range of models, shapes and colors, just to meet the needs of every woman. From the more restraining and opaque models to the more risque ones and with a push-up effect, all in multiple proposals of colors and patterns.

Choose the right bikini top for you

Discover the bikini top that enhances you the most: if you want a volume effect, choose push-up swimsuits, such as the Zaira bikini top; instead opt for a bandeau costume for a more restraining effect, like the bikini top models Gemini and Gipsy, or for a triangle costume like the Rebel and the Viper if you don't want to give up a tan with minimal signs. 

The quality of our Bikini Tops

With i mishmish bikini top you will be able to express your personality without sacrificing comfort and quality: all our bikinis are made of a double layer of very soft xtralife lycra, each one designed to emphasize a different type of female silhouette and shape, just to meet everyone's needs .

Colors and Patterns Bikini Top

Our bikini top collection offers a very wide range of patterns and colors: from solid colors to original and exclusive textures created by our graphic designers specifically and exclusively for mishmish.
Indulge yourself in combining single-color shades with particular prints, for a truly inimitable and original look.
Choose the bikini top more suitable for you and have fun combining it with the bikini briefs that most represents you!