Mishmish was born in 2017, founded by two young students, Martina and Roberta, with a strong desire to create something new and exclusive. Sick of options already seen over and over, they decided to found their own brand of swimwear featuring simple cuts and lines, whose true essence lies in the sensuality of the female body. The feminine curves inspire the style and the cuts of the swimsuits, designed to wrap the shapes of the body, almost like a second skin. The two young entrepreneurs follow every step of the creative and productive process personally, beginning from the design and the careful choice of the materials, utile the packaging of the final product, all rigorously Made in Italy.
Behind every choice of the brand there is the desire to offer a product which is accurate in every detail, always staying true to our values: simplicity, sensuality and quality.

Fun fact: our logo draws inspiration from a very popular emoticon on the web, usually in referral to the feminine curves, the B side in particular. The term "مشمش", transcribed “mishmish” derives from the Arabic language where it literally mens “apricot”, from here the referral to the stylised fruit emoticon.