Brazilian bikini: the most sensual solution ever

Bikini alla Brasiliana Mishmish

There are those who believe they are the sexiest swimwear absolutely. A valid compromise between the classic summer outfits and the more daring thong or thong. High-waisted briefs, minimal design, designed to enhance long-limbed bodies and B-sides, protagonists of beachwear.

Bikini alla Brasiliana Mishmish Swimwear

Brazilian bikini Why nott?

The secret of the Brazilian bikini it is concentrated in a valid compromise of seduction: to discover but not too much, just enough to enhance one's femininity without ever falling into the vulgar.
On the natural walkways of the most beautiful beaches in the world it has depopulated, so much so that it is worn by the most acclaimed stars of the moment. For celebrities who boast flawless bottoms, the Brazilian bikini is a must!
This type of costume can be a valid ally for all women. THE mishmish brazilian bikini they lightly cover the buttocks, drawing seductive lines in a mix of grace and sex appeal, a perfect geometry, suitable for honing one's seduction tools.

Why choose a mishmish Brazilian bikini?

First of all for the heart shape that manages to give roundness even where mother nature has sinned in generosity. The Brazilian has the power to give volume where there is none, moreover the high-cut shape gives height, lengthening even the less slender legs, enhancing even the bodies that do not stand tall.
The Brazilian bikini is the right choice for those who want to enhance their sensuality, enhancing legs and side B. Once the swimsuit has been chosen, it remains to be untangled in the polychrome offered by the mishmish collection. They range from classic and timeless costumes in black or white, excellent for warmer complexions, already embellished by the enveloping and disturbing shades that only a natural tan can give. Then there are the shades of red, pink, gold or orange: in short, you are spoiled for choice!

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