How to choose the cream texture that best suits your skin 💘

Come scegliere la texture di crema più adatta alla propria pelle 💘
I now entered our daily language, the texture It is nothing but the consistency of the product: oily, creamy, foamy, liquid and so on. 
Among this infinite variety, how to choose then the type of texture suitable for us? 
To choose the Formula that most suited your skin And to your lifestyle, you must first make a premise. Regardless of the type of epidermis, always consider the different seasons and their climate: now that we are in spring, but also for the summer,  preferRead consistencesthey absorb immediately and do not unite; Winter and autumn, cold and humid, they will see insteadRich and bodied texture, which can feed more deeply and protect the skin that tends to dry up more with low temperatures.
Second fundamental point is the skin type: The earliest skins will need a heavier consistency and Rich in vegetable oils and butters, with capacity - as well as moisturizers - toonutrients, restitutive and emollient; While the fatter or mixed ones, they will need more read formulas, with functionalitysebum-regulators, moisturizers and non-occlusiveFor pores.
Last, but not by importance, the age: for younger skins, prefer almost invisible textures, which are able toprevent aging, but that they are not heavy or greasy; The ripe skins, on the other hand, prefer more reasoned formulas because, due to the natural aging of the skin, the tissues often require the use of ingredients that reinstar and nourish the skin completely, favoring the production of collagen and elastin and the capacity of Fight cutaneous aging. 
  • the cream absolutely the most traditional product, what most of us loves for yourBulbed consistencyBut at the same time soft on the skin. Hydration and the Most versatile formulas, arranged to host different types of ingredients and active ingredients, make it suitable for every type of skin and season.
  • Gel / sorbets They are the ideal textures for the summer. Moisturize thoroughly but the consistency is very light, containing greaterquantity of waterinside them. For their powerrefreshingAnd for the low presence of preservatives, they are also perfect for sensitive and intolerant skins.
  • serum for his consistency Light and silky, less solid than the cream, is suitable for being used in combination with other treatments and encloses a 'High percentage of principles activeThat make it a precious impact treatment for all skin, especially for those that have special needs. Few drops are enough under the product that is used in the morning or in the evening to strengthen its action and strengthen its effects. Those who have mixed and fat skin can use the serum even alone.
  • oil Particularly suitable for mature, mixed and sensitive skins, with lighter and less greasy formulas than the past, oils are mainly composed ofNutrient and detoxy ingredients, ideally ideal at the end of the day. To be avoided for those who have a greasy skin.
  • balm also called Baume, And Perfect for winter, especially for the driest and chapped skin, the balm textures are composed mainly byVery nutritious ingredientsAnd from the consistencies Dense like butri, or natural oils and honey. Of course the baume can be used in combination with the serum for a complete treatment.

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