How to survive Christmas holidays without weighting!

Non ingrassare a natale: i nostri trucchi per non ingrassare a Natale

How to survive Christmas holidays without weighting!

Christmas is now at the door and leads with you aperitifs, lunches and dinners to which it is impossible to give up.

We take stock of the situation, because objectively the holidays are only four: the dinner of the eve, the Christmas lunch, the Lunch of Santo Stefano and the New Year's Eve dinner. Streaming during these days would not have a great way and it would be difficult to implement.

The secret is trying to follow their diet on all other days of the holidays. I want to clarify that The weight gain is never due to the assumption over a period of time, relatively short and particularly dense, of calories and fats.

In fact, the weight gain is caused by a high supply of food in a long period of time, we talk about months and months and not days! They are in fact the bad habits reiterated over time to favor the accumulation of fat.

Then keeping point in mind that the days of Christmas holidays are four and not all the period that precedes them and follows them, it is possible to reconcile a healthy lifestyle even during the period of Christmas holidays following the following advice:

Don't get fat at Christmas: the tricks for not getting fat at Christmas

  1. Avoid coming hungry to dinners or holiday lunches

Stay, skip meals to get to lunch or dinner to eat unlimitedly lead to eat without reflecting, without awareness, inevitably exceeding in doses and quantities

  1. Avoid exceeding in portions

Take a bit of everything by making small portions and avoiding the bis.

  1. Attention to leftovers!

don't continue eating the same food for several days, so the days of celebration will no longer be 4 but continue for weeks

  1. Movement

continues normally training even during the holidays, without punishing yourself with hours and hours of cardio

  1. Eating

so by doing the sense of satiety perceived before exaggerating with quantities

  1. The toasts certainly cannot be missing!

dose the quantity is always the right choice, avoid drinking too many alcohol and totally avoided sweetened beverages as orange, coca-cola, gaseous, and instead consumed so much water

  1. Sweets? Yup!

If you are greedy and you can't do without it, give it as well. Eat only one per meal in this way enjoy a different dessert every day without exaggerating


And in the next few days I behave?

Don't get fat at Christmas: all the tricks for not getting fat at Christmas

    1. First of all don't weigh yourself

    Often the scale becomes a disease, useless to weigh the days after abundant meals because the scale can show some more kilos but this does not mean having accumulated fat. Weight can increase because you have taken excess salt, you haven't digested well, you didn't sleep enough, you have accumulated water retention.

      1. Don't feel guilty and start from where you stopped

      I normally resume the diet and workouts

        1. Do not punish yourself by adopting drastic dietary regimes Jumping to meals and subjecting you to unnecessary fasting to compensate for food universes made during the holidays. Go back to your healthy and balanced nutrition.
        2. Pay attention to DIY remedies

        If you are usually to make meals of single fruit or vegetable you are wrong! Messestrones, past of vegetables and boiled vegetables absorb so much water becoming less digestible accumulating so liquids and causing intestinal fermentation; Even excess fruit, being rich in fructose, could create meteorism; In a nutshell meals with only fruit and vegetables increase water retention and cause swollen abdomen.


        Happy Holidays!

        dtt.ssa Serena Guarino

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