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Costume intero scollato Mishmish
Have you been on holidays in Marechiaro to discover Naples or you are leaving for a dive in the Maldives Maybe it's a honeymoon or travel commitments caught on the fly to sip smoothies on the beach with friends.
Surely among my tastes, to better enjoy the beachand to enjoy the benefits of the sea, finally free from overly bulky coats, scarves and sweaters!
The advice we feel we can give you is to know and respect the places you will visit, like those Muslims.Do you think that in a modern city you come to Dubai - the choice in recent years by many famous faces of the show, from Michelle Hunziker to Chiara Maci, from Alessia Marcuzzi to Martina Colombari - topless is strictly forbidden!
Given this, if you like to get noticed, pack our Dare To Bare One Piece, the one-piece swimsuit with a sexy cut and a generous neckline, even on the back, a genre so loved by Emily Ratajkowski, the super Californian top who does not miss an opportunity to show off one.
Costume intero scollato
With Instagram-friendly silhouettesstands outalso the rebel Triangle and for this, Kim Kardashian teaches school!If you have an overwhelming B-side like hers and aren't afraid to dare, the Peachy Bottom will make your holiday temperatures hotter (not just yours!).This micro bikini, in fact, hides very little.
If, on the other hand, you prefer, but enhance at the same time, the Gipsy is better, the best is, better greater comfort, perfect for strategy, a Brazilian with coverage and split ends perfect for sunbathing and saying goodbye to the signs of Tan!Among the available colors: ribbed black, red, orange, gold and pink.

The mishmish garments have an essential line, are invisible and are made of lycra xtra vita, an optical fiber, a UV rays, a cream and sun oils, once more a long time than other fabrics.

All made in Italy.

What are you waiting for Buy yours now and put it to the test!

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