Brazilian costumes: when he was born, because wearing it, high-waisted Brazilian costumes and with straps

Costumi alla brasiliana a vita alta mishmish

Brazilian costumes, what a passion!

Summer is upon us and it is time to show off ours Brazilian costumes I am essential for our days in the sun, fundamental to enjoy the summer holidays in freedom and harmony ... but has it always been like this?
Widespread in Paris in 1750, the "beach dress" provided a bodice, trousers and large skirts; In short, you go into completely dressed water! The centuries pass but the fashion of beachwear continues to prefer almost total woman's body cover, even wool is chosen as a fabric to use because once wet guarantees zero transparency.
Brazilian costumes: history, all Brazilian costumes
Only in the 1920s of the 900s the constraints linked to the women's swimsuit seem to lighten slightly, with the introduction of short shorts that reach half a thigh or Court coulottes that finally allow you to show your legs. But the great and true revolution occurs in the 50s when the bikini is launched. The reduced panty that leaves the navel uncovered, causes an authentic shock, so much so that its use is punished by the police for odds outrage. Challenging the restrictions and scandal, the change is unstoppable and the fashion of the bikini manages to claim by winning the bans of the welcome. Unfortunately for those who spoil the nose in front of this new swimsuit, the bikini eventually becomes popular, thanks also to the stars that show off it without shame, clearing it as a normal evolution of the swimsuit. Brigitte Bardot is widely accredited for making it popular with her new detector style during her beach vacation in Cannes in the mid-1950s. Popular culture slowly starts to accept the new swimsuit, making it a real pop icon starting with the infamous song "Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polkadot bikini"Brian Hyland and, more or less at the same time, according to the time arrives in 1962 an" iconic moment in the history of cinema ". This unforgettable moment is in the form of a scene during the James Bond movie - Licence to kill. The actress Ursula Andress emerges from the splendid and memorable water in a white swimsuit that later is sold at auction for $ 40,000.
Brazilian costumes: history, all Brazilian costumes 1
The classic bikini therefore states in mass culture, but soon his style tends to change and diversify, the changes are around the corner ...
And in the wake of the postual revolution Post '68, the costumes begin to shrink, the piece above becomes a mini triangle, the swimwear tissues take a glossy texture and colors become vibrant.
We are the decisive turning point, the piece of underneath is reduced to the minimum terms, enough to cover the most intimate parts, the B side is almost entirely exposed to sunlight. The Brazilian costume is born.
Officially attributed to Frederick Mellinger - Father also of the push-up-, this minimalist costume is actually exhibited for the first time by roses of first, Brazilian model of Italian origins who put it at a beach party of Ipanema, guaranteeing - good reason - The looks of all the crops!
A month after the boom, all Garotas de Ipanema They show their mini and sexy Brazilian costume.

Brazilian costume: when was it born?

Shows in the 1970s on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, scandalous and irreverent, the Brazilian costume It was soon released in the middle world and has never been fashionable, conquering even the most conservative.
Bold and succinct The Brazilian costume It becomes the symbol of Brazilian beaches and not only, overcoming - with not a few difficulties - the first accusations of "indecency" has decided to decide in our summer outfits, demonstrating his tenacity.
Sgambiato and hyper sexy, the Brazilian costume -Viewed his narrow-cut - allows a tan of almost total buttocks and, unlike what one thinks, it turns out to be suitable for the most different types of body.
We must not be statuary models to show off it indeed, its shape frequently frames our buttocks giving it a fishing emoji form, honoring the most formous backdrop and giving roundness to the most androgynous physicists.
In fact, if the goal is to show a B side or at least it looks like that, the Brazilian is the right option for this summer. No fear of showing a centimeter of extra skin, because the effect is anything but trash.

Why choose a Brazilian costume?

First the form: the secret is right in finding out but not too much, this aspect gives a beautiful shape to our heart bumbum. In short, the B side will seem perfectly round even though it is not entirely in reality. Just think that the celebrities who show off impeccable sides, especially, wear in most of their posts a Bikini with Brazilian. Sure their sitting is already a gift of mother nature, but in reality this kind of costume also helps those who do not have a side b from screaming and emphasizes the curves of those who are already equipped.
Brazilian costumes: history, all Brazilian costumes 2
In addition, its shape moves attention from the Cheval culotte to the buttocks and their "magically" round effect. The Brazilian bikini It is really our valid ally, it camouflage a particularly flat seat giving some volume, being sung to stretch the short legs, and it is the right compromise for those who have a side b not just mignon but does not like too opaque models.

Brazilian high waist costume

The advantages of the unambigated and high-waisted model are multiple: incredibly slant the leg, highlights the sitting and more generally the curves, even those of the hips, enhances the natural sensuality of the female body, from the statuary to the curvy and formous ones. We are used to seeing him worn by the super high and longline models, but in reality he is very popular with the stars full of curves like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian. Also the high-waist waisted the leg, supports the lower the lowest, stretching the vertical lines that lead to the ankle lead us to even. So we can buy in more than thigh centimeters without having to take pictures in strange positions and angles, it will suffice a beautiful Brazilian bikini with high waist and the game is done.
In short, riding the movement of the Body positivity And abandoning the prejudices about those who have to wear what can be realized that the Brazilian costume is really appropriate for all women who want to feel more sexy and daring.

Brazilian costume with laces

Even more "libertine" variant of the Brazilian model is the one with the side laces, ideal for the sunny summer days. Mishmish's Psy-Chic SS / 21, presented its new model Viper slip Double Face that, with its woven lycra straps allows you to decrease or increase costume cover. In fact, the side laces allow you to adjust and customize the fit of the bikini, deciding how much to show and how much no, minimizing the banner signs for a unique and dynamic beach style.

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