Entire costumes 2019: whole animalier costume, animal sea fashion

Costume intero animalier

Swimsuits 2019

The new 2019 trend of one-piece swimsuits provides for the modernization of the spotted one-piece swimsuit .

Beach fashion has always winked at animalier-type models, where the spotted became the way to emphasize a body with agile and sinuous shapes, just like that of a leopard, a feline that nature has endowed with elegance and class, matched perhaps only by its ferocity.

Costumi interi 2019: costume intero animalier, moda mare animalier

mishmish animal costume

And we too could not exempt ourselves, both because we try to follow the trends at best with our whole team, and because we look for trends with the aim of reinterpreting them and making them truly unique.

So we have also done for our line of whole swimwear 2019 , just recently launching an exclusive model, our firstlimited edition .

Whether you are in Polynesia, Hawaii or Italy, always and in any case on the beach, you can wear our Savage One Piece Leo, also comfortable for going to the beach by bike, high-cut at the right point, it is the real must have for summer 2019 .

Our boss Animalier it can be worn with sarongs, miniskirts, jeans or with light-colored shorts and, for those who want to add a last touch of class, they can do it by combining a pair of sunglasses with feline lines!

Wear theanimal print one-piece swimsuit for an aperitif!

Our one-piece swimsuit is also perfect for the evening and for aperitifs at sunset, it can easily be used as a body.

What are you waiting for then?

It's time to wear a very special costume: elegant, simple, sensual    

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