Sea costumes 2022: swimwear for summer 2022

Costumi mare 2022 estate

Sea costumes 2022

Care friendly friends, the new year has finally arrived and brought a nice cold cold with him from Russia. Who knows that these low temperatures do not twist the last events that have seen us a little firm and that this new year is not a breath of good vibes.
Sea costumes 2022: swimwear for summer 2022
However, let's leave the weather at the meteorologist and look for what weigh down this new year: summer. The balances are almost at their term and, between boutique fittings and emails coming, rumors on new spring / summer arrivals that we look forward to discovering in our most popular showcases. The sun shining on our cities uses immediately to imagination: scorching beaches, we expand to the sun, crystal clear sea, and above all, impeccable sea costume. And, of course, @mammammSwimwear wants to dream with you with the new 2022 swimwear collection!
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New sea costumes collection 2022

Between shooting in place, go go of models and websites that explode requests, your favorite brand is gearing up for the new 2022 Mare Collection. So, Care Friends customers, careful and ready to click your trusted update button E-commerce of beachwear that is about to launch the most explosive collection of swimwear 2022.
Curious to find out what will be the news of the next collection? Let's see together then what are the trends of this new year that we could expect to meet.
The most established fashion magazines speak of urban sea fashion: platform flip-flops we find them under a classic trousers ready to go to work, complete jacket and shirt show the new season bikini, and still crochet leaders to combine with an urban look. The years pass and sustainable fashion is felt more and more: the pandemic in particular has greatly sensitized on the subject of sustainability due to the increase in consumption that causes a few problems in the world. Many then followed the road to "regenerate old things" and vintage, consequently, is coming trend.
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Maine fashion 2022: costumes for the summer

In this new year, sea fashion 2022 continues to do its part in the issue of sustainability. Several are companies, including ours, which are dedicated to the creation of seawear with eco-sustainable fabrics: the Econyl, for example, is widely used for the realization of swimsuits. It is a nylon regeneration made with oceanic plastic, fishing nets or fabric waste. Fashion can thus be an integral part of the recycling of materials that have always polluted our environment. All those who are part of the Mishmissh Swimwear family have at heart so delicate theme, and this is the reason that pushed the company to base the same brand on the realization of swimwear in Econyl.
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Sea costumes 2022 eco-friendly !!!

Mishmish Swimwear is therefore the most trendy beach costumes brand, which as well as for eco-sustainability, is also made important for the production of 100% Made in Italy swimwear and 100% super sexy. Yes, because your beloved brand will certainly not disappoint your expectations on the sensuality that gives its customers for 5 years now!

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