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Cura dei capelli: scopri i consigli per la cura dei capelli

Hair care: our advice

To have beautiful, healthy and shiny hair, you have to have as a main goal  Hydration: Well-hydrated hair is certainly resistant hair, less exposed to rupture risk and off, dry and crisp.
Hair care: Discover Mishmish advice for hair care
Here some Tips on hair care that you probably didn't know!


The choice of the type of shampoo is important and depends on several factors: type of hair, lifestyle, personal needs or any imperemies of the scalp.
We advise you not to privilege too aggressive products: the purpose of a shampoo voucher is to clean without attacking the hair and without altering the hydrolipid film that protects it.
Then use products without excessive doses of surfactants, substances that tend to remove the hydrolipid film, becoming therefore  Managers of the dryness of your hair: their presence is a definitely important, because it allows to remove impurities, but not in excessive quantities, because they would not only aggregate the dirt of the hair, but also their natural protection.
Therefore we recommend more delicate formulations having fluent actions, without however foaming excessively: we remind you that the equation A lot of foam = more cleansing It is not true at all and it is not even necessary to use excessive doses of product for a good cleansing. Little produced diluted with water and massaged with circular movements, in order to stimulate the microcirculation of the scalp.
But how many shampoos do during the week? The answer is that there is no rule, the number of washes varies depending on the type of hair, of the quantity of sebum produced by the skin, lifestyle, sweating, moisture, etc. etc. Let's expell the myth that you recommend doing
Less possible washes. You can get to cleanse your hair every day of the week, the one that really makes the difference is the product used.

Brush and hairdryer

You will probably look strange, but we advise you not to comb your hair wet with brushes or combs. Wet hair is more fragile than dry hair and tend more to break. But then how to dry your hair without having them before combed? The answer is simple: combing them as dry before wetting them and, later - to bathe them with your fingers; Once dried you can then use your beloved brush, but always gently.
As for the hair dryer, the advice is to maintain a "safety distance" of at least fifteen / twenty centimeters, given that the heat of the air that emits increases to decrease its distance.


DIY moisturizing masks

The masks and packs are very important for hair hydration.
1/2 times a week we recommend a super natural and homemade mask, composed of a well mature avocado and an egg yolk: crush the avocado well and add the yolk, posing on the hair for at least half an hour And the result is guaranteed!
Alternatively we propose a pack of oil, coconut oil, argan or even of the simple olive oil that you will surely find in the kitchen!

Curiosity: hair growth

Hair growth takes place by means of a mechanism called hair growth, which occurs internally, in the part  Deeper than the skin: from the bulb. From here we immediately explain another myth, according to whom to check the hair makes them grow faster: cutting hair does not stimulate their growth, nor do they reinforce them; It only serves to eliminate the damaged part!
An important aspect to take into account for hair growth is microcirculation. A well vascularized bulb will work much better than one that is less.
How to stimulate microcirculation? With circular massages with scalp, facts daily. If you are lazy and you don't want to massage your head, there are brushes with rounded teeth that create a natural massage without scratching or tearing your hair.
Also massage the scalp also facilitates  The penetration of active and nutritious substances applied first, after or during the same massage.

Hair care at the sea, the saltiness

We start saying that saltiness is a real touch for the scalp, especially in the event that it is subject to alterations or imperfections. If you immerse your head in salted water and proceed with a lightweight head massage, you will encourage not only the blood microcirculation, but also the detachment of dead cells from the scalp.
At the same time, however, saltiness is the enemy number one of the hair, making them dry and frizzy. For this reason, after taking a bath and a very slight circular massage to the head, you will have to rinse them abundantly with fresh water, trying to eliminate every trace of salt.
In addition to these small accotettes, it is almost useless to tell you to avoid aggressive treatments before leaving for holidays, as permanent, discolorations, or even dyes, meches and shatush, who would risk altering due to sunscreen and salt.
During the solar exposure we recommend moisturizing products with UV filters, to be applied every 2/3 hours, so as to prevent excessive hair dehydration. Also avoid picking them up with saltiness, especially wet, if not with your fingers.
Try to minimize the maximum plates, hairdryer, irons, and to apply nutrient and moisturizing masks after the day at the sea.
What are you waiting for! Start immediately with good hair care habits! With a shining chioma and your 2019 swimsuit you will be unstoppable in your next beach holiday!

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