Summer and diet 🍏


Keep fit during the summer holidays is possible?

The answer is undoubtedly affirmative! When we talk about summer holidays the first thing we think is to detach the plug, leave the stressful everyday life for a while and give us so much relaxation.
Relax even at the table?
The first advice ever is to try to live conviviality by making reasonable choices when we find ourselves in front of the menu of a restaurant or dinner with friends, it is possible to choose following some indications meals, so as not to vain the sacrifices made During the year with diet and workout.
Healthy habits should not be abandoned, nourish ours  Body in the best way will allow us to fully experience our well-deserved leisure and rest. Furthermore the holiday can be a way to devote itself more to physical activity, to take long walks in new places.
It is therefore not necessary to decline a dinner invitation if you manage it, we choose rather with accuracy what we want to eat, here are some practical tips!
Practical tips
  • at the restaurant: We always prefer a vegetable appetizer, a fresh mixed salad, grilled vegetables, of vegetable crudility usually made with fennel, carrots, cucumbers and why not some fruit, not being able to know the doses of condiment used, we drop our choice on a second, perhaps in the grill, baked or steamed, let's not forget the share of carbohydrates, to complete our meal we can choose bread, perhaps of bruschetta, or rice accompanied by grilled vegetables, oven or cold potatoes to the salad , or still of the corn, in short, the choice can be very wide.
  • On the beach or by boat: The cold dishes are the "must have" of the summer diet, who at least once ate pasta or rice at the salad? Take them to the beach it is very practical and fast, is a type of preparation that allow us to dose all the ingredients and to make a complete meal where there are no lack of vegetables and macronutrients, carbohydrates, fats and proteins, an example? Personally I love so much butterflies with smoked salmon, rocket, lemon and walnuts or mixed dried fruit, fresh, fast and complete
  • to dinner with friends: As at the restaurant, we do not have the opportunity to learn about the doses of the ingredients, but we don't even have a menu that allows us to choose, what to do in this case? Try to limit quantities, freely choose what you prefer trying not to exceed in portions
  • at breakfast: "King's breakfast, prince dinner, poor dinner" that you are in a holiday home, in a village, in a b & b or in an extra luxury hotel with a thousand different types of breakfast around the world, the advice is not to overdo it with simple sugars and with baked goods with creams
Always remember that hydrating, especially in hot summer days with prolonged exposure to the sun, it is fundamental! Also the long walks on the sand, swimming in fresh sea water and the intake of at least 2 liters of water per day, will help make magic for water retention by making you feel more beautiful in your bikini Mishmish!
Happy holiday!
Dott.ssa are serene - Nutritionist biologist - 3342485776

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