Homemade scrub 🍯

Homemade scrub 🍯

Regenerates your skin: 3 recipes to prepareface scrub and homemade body, simple and effective

After reading this article you will ask you why you have purchased from the past face scrub e body scrub pre-packaged. Do not misunderstand us, some exfoliating products sold in the store are really valid, but they are often expensive and contain ingredients that we hardly know the origin making the choice complicated.

All you have to do is lead you to the kitchen and find out how, with a few simple ingredients, you can create different Exfoliating scrubs Completely natural.

Let's find out how to exfoliate your problems and even if a scrub will not be able to solve them all, it will surely help you fight the much hated orange peel skin with annexes red. Also use ingredients taken directly from your kitchen will ensure you do not damage your skin with chemicals and will allow you to use only the required doses for one or multiple applications. Remember that these homemade scrubs contain natural substances or foods without preservatives so we advise you to keep them in the fridge not too long to prolong their duration.

We come to the sodo, it's time to head in the kitchen and prepare a scrub that used frequently will improve the appearance and texture of your skin!

🍯- Sugar & Honey: Honey and sugar scrub, a body peeling And peeling Delicate and moisturizing

Mix 1 glass of cane sugar (preferably integral) to a coffee cup of honey and a half coffee cup of olive oil or almonds. In this way you will get a more or less dense pasta, excellent to exfoliate face and lips with circular movements. Cane sugar and honey are also particularly suitable for fighting blackheads. If you prefer that the scrub has a less oleous texture and with a stronger degree of exfoliation, for example if you want to use it for the body, simply add more sugar until the preparation will appear separate in granules. If you prefer yours your DIY scrub Be more aromatic you can add a pinch of cinnamon powder.

☕️- BYE-BYE CELLULITE: SCRUB at the cafe: Anti-cellulite scrub At the perfect coffee to counteract cellulite imperfections

Mix 2 glasses of ground coffee with .. a moment! Here you need to open a small parenthesis because many people advise you to use the pose of coffee to prepare a great scrub but the key ingredient is precisely the key ingredient for the effectiveness of this exfoliating preparation and is therefore fundamental that coffee has not already been used And that is not decaffeinated. Returning to our recipe: mix 2 glasses of coconut oil previously melted but no hottest, until you get a soft and grainy pasta, not excessively oily. For an extra touch of exfoliation that will also help you with drainage of excess liquids in critical areas, then add 3 tablespoons of salt up. The toning and astringent effect of caffeine will oppose cellulite's achievements by stimulating the microcirculation in critical areas, while coconut oil will moisten the skin making it soft and velvety. Run this scrub in the shower at least twice a week with constancy and rinse always carefully with hot water. You'll see your skin tone week after week!

Keep your preparation in the fridge to make it last longer and take it to the shower with you if necessary.

🛁- Green Tea & Ginger: The perfect scrub for lovers of winter cuddles and herbal teas

Infuse a sachet of green tea in a coffee cup full of boiling water. Meanwhile, the ginger root (even with a fine-grain grater) until you get enough to fill a spoon. Ginger antitoxidant properties make this Natural face scrub A perfect ally in counteracting spots and uniform the incarnate by bringing away dead cells. In a bowl mix: the chopped ginger, the content of the sachet of the green already used, the previously infused water cup, 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil and to finish white or integral sugar until it reaches the consistency you prefer. We advise you to prepare this delicate Homemade scrub In small doses as it cannot be preserved for a long time and keep it in the fridge. This scrub is particularly suitable for exfoliating the face and delicate areas or even for a warm bath, melting 2 tablespoons in the bathtub to ensure pure relaxation and a regenerated skin!

You just have to try one of our fantastic Homemade recipes and prepare your skin to the fullest to face winter cold. Remember though orLTre to exfoliation and hydration of the skin,Proper hydration always starts from the inside so don't forget to drink so much water!



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