How To: Skincare From Mask 🧴

Skincare da mascherina: come evitare irritazioni e brufoli

Unfortunately the Covid19 pandemic has completely distorted our daily habits and if on the one hand the template has become our first ally in prevention, it was an enemy ostica for the health and well-being of our skin, changing its balance. 


What happens to the skin?

Useful and absolutely indispensable, the templates, however, also have side effects. 

Not only do our eyeglasses apply or alone, but above all they isolate our breath that, trapped by tissues, creates a wet and warm environment. The poor replacement of the air, in addition to not oxygenate our skin and to cause redness And irritation, favors an excessive production of sebum with a consequent proliferation of Acne and pore obstruction.

But no fear, as we replaced new greetings to the classic narrow hand, so even our skincare will have to adapt to new needs.

The first step is in any case cleansing, Prefer a light and delicate mousse that cleans lunge without drying too much skin. 

It is essential then to stimulate the cellular turnover, eliminating the dead cells that cause pimples And Mask acne. 

The Enzymatic peeling It is a great ally in this step. Compared to the classic scrub, in fact, that removes dead cells through the rubbing of granules, the enzymatic peeling carries out its Exfoliating action Thanks to enzymes that permeates the layers of the upper fabric of the skin, free the pores from the dead cells that get out of them, and limit the emergence of pimples making the structure of the face more elastic and consistent. 

Once the dead cells have removed, our skin will be ready to receive the active ingredients more in depth.

You can live now to feed it, the DIY masks I am a convenient and simple solution, theirs Natural ingredients donate to the face all the nutritious, purifying and soothing properties he needs; In addition to try their hand in their preparation can be a good way to occupy time and distract themselves during these days of lockdown. 

Coffee, avocado, honey, egg whites and lemon juice ... The solutions and combinations are almost endless, open the pantry and ignite yourself in the search for the most suitable recipe to you.

If you prefer more comfortable and practical solutions, in addition to the classic Mask with white clay Perfect for its detox and purifying function, you can quench the skin with a nutritious serum And moisturizing.

A Light cream and rich in vitamins, collagen and hyaluronic acid It is the perfect solution to repeat the skin and prevents the formation of pimples.

Eyes also want their part

If it is true that the mask causes abophy abophy and cheeks, it is true that the eyes besides being the only exposed part, they are also the one where the signs of stress and fatigue are more visible.

Use a good eye contour Decongestant or anti-age is a must, and it should be used both in the morning and in the evening. Another DIY solution can be to rest two Cold spoons On the eyes every morning, this will help you deflate them.

Last but not least the rest. Next to the various treatments for the Under the Mask leather, we must not forget that sleeping hours are essential for the brightness and health of our skin.  Before going to sleep, after the deep cleansing with the aid of delicate and light products, use a tonic without alcohol that helps Close the pores, balance the skin and supply hydration to the face. A collagen or vitamin cream, specifies for the night, will be better absorbed during sleep hours, finally a Balm or a mask for the lips to apply before going to sleep,  It will help fight cracks that inevitably the template can cause. 

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