Everybody is a bikini body

Mishmish Swimwear: Everybody is a Bikini Body

Everybody is a Bikini Body

A different sensitivity to the female body, its shapes, curves has been widespread for a long time now, with the introduction into fashion by the most important brands of products also designed for women with softer sizes.

Beauty is also having a few extra pounds, more accentuated curves are not a limit for choosing a garment that is more whimsical and sensual.

It is just a matter of choosing a garment that is more suitable for you and that has the quality to enhance your beauty and the uniqueness of your body:a swimsuit must enhance and not hide, with class.

Precisely for this reason we have chosen this year to include also the XL sizes, in order to satisfy the bodies with soft curves and also the Curvy ones, with the Gipsy 2.0, Cheeky and Myra top models.

Our products are designed to guarantee sensuality and comfort at the same time, wearing a trendy product, full of details made with care to enhance the shapes and why not, also to swim with ease.

Compared to the basic triangles, we have included adjustable suspenders but above all, and this is the real absolute novelty, also adjustable around the bust, with the aim of guaranteeing an impeccable fit and allowing everyone to customize the fit of the costume.

For us EveryBody is a Bikini Body.

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