Thong 2022

Perizoma 2022 nuova collezione mishmish swimwear

Thong 2022

Customer friends your beloved brand @mammammSwimwear does not leave you in these days, or better to say "In these dark months of rain", and as we wait curious about the new summer 2022 collection, we meet medically to talk about one of the pieces Which are the basis of the culture of Mishmish Swimwear. So dear girls do the view and let yourself be transported to the magical world of thong!
           Sea thong 2022 Mishmish Swimwear 

Thong for all shapes

The brand mainly works on a thong costume to mark the message he wants to transmit to unify, or sensuality. Furthermore, Mishmish using the thong line goes to offer the same characteristics as any thong underwear, for us lovers we would always like it! The thong is comfortable, it allows us to have an almost total tan, it is sexy and accompanies women in feeling beautiful and safe thanks also to the design variants that our Mishmissh Swimwear thongs have: from the accentuated sgambots, to the V-cuts that help Drawing a harmonious line on those of us has a little more round hips. The thong is in fact suitable for all forms of the body: a pear, a hourglass, rectangle ... its main function is to keep blankets the intimate parts of our body, and it is our task to choose which model is for us: a Low life to highlight the hips or vice versa to highlight the life point.
        Sea thong 2022 Mishmish Swimwear 1

Return from the "past"

Among the various thong models the most special ones are used to show them outside a jeans or a skirt. Yes, my dear friends, because the fashion 2000 that was thought to be started and ended with a mad Paris Hilton who loved wearing low waist and exposed thong, has returned for a while !! The thong does not intend to leave the catwalks and we find it in more and more elaborate design with the luxury brands of Versace and Dolce & Gabbana. The exposed thong is a strong symbol of Street Style, fashion becomes super sexy and manages to conquer, precisely, even the attention of the most beloved luxury brands.
 Sea thong 2022 Mishmish Swimwear 2

Mishmish thong

As we have already seen in previous collections our costumes are so special that it is a sin not to show them even to a party or an aperitif with friends, combined with a style that closes to our mood. Even the Mishmish Swimwear thongs can be brought to sight, for the patite of past years, combined with a soft pareo, a flax trousers or slightly high sangallo lace alive or a short-wipe short for those who want to feel a diva like The Hilton.
There are numerous ways you can combine and show with style what will be your new Mishmish 2022 thong, in the meantime we look forward to the new collection @mammisswimwear for the next summer !!
Claudia Pallotta

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