Spring: the tricks for a perfect skin


Advice on how to revitalize the skin

On March 21 we will welcome winter, we will start the change of our wardrobe and the days will finally begin to become longer and warmer. The arrival of spring brings with it change and desire again, from a cooler make-up to a beauty routine that adapts to the new season. In fact, during the winter the epidermis suffered the effects of low temperatures including dehydration, redness and dryness, therefore first step And awaken our skin Eliminating dead cells.

L'Exfoliation via scrub In granules and circular movements will foster the renewal of the skin Reactivating the microcirculation, allowing a regeneration that will guarantee more tones and brightness to our face.

There are various types of exfoliators on the market, it is useful to make a distinction because every skin has different needs and features. Who has a normal and not particularly sensitive skin can choose the scrub, a cream product or gel. If you want to proceed with something more delicate You can use a gommage: A product always in cream that does not contain exfoliating particles. In fact the substances that compose it exfoliate the skin while the product is posing to dry as if it were a mask; Once dry to remove it, simply exercise a slight pressure with fingertips.


According to step it is thehydration. With the arrival of spring it is appropriate Also change the day cream, choosing one from the light, fresh texture and, preferably, rich in illuminating properties so as to invigorate the colorful off. It is important to remember to proceed with the hydration even of the neck and the decollet矇. Now that high-neck sweaters are in the attic, it is essential to cure this part too; The same applies to the rest of the body, at least twice a week use a shea butter scrub and - accessing the skin's skin, generally much drier than that of the face. After the shower, spread the moisturizer with the skin still a little damp so that the moisturizing power of the products that applied is even greater by penetrating more deeply without greasing too much.

Third step, use one Moisturizing spray Before applying the trick. Moisturizing sprays are excellent allies, because they are often characterized by a sparkling texture that allows to hydrate, refresh and relax the skin before applying the makeup. Not only that, many of these can also be used as Fix spray: a Practical and fast way to fix the trick And make it last longer, even when temperatures rise.

Fourth step help i hair with reinforcing masks. Even the hair suffers the season change and with the arrival of spring it is easier than falling or spice. To protect them and strengthen them they cannot miss on the beauty routine conditioning masks and based on Multi-vitamin complexes Of amino acids, which nourish the hair giving a new softness and lusted luster during the coldest months.

Last, but not by importance, it is useful to increase physical activity, thus eliminating toxins and putting the body to motorcycle for Find the sprint That characterizes the summer. If you have a particularly stressed skin, the energizing treatments could just suit your case. They are based on nutrients, like Vitamins and trace elements That help to firm the body and feed the skin deeply to get more elasticity. Every so often given a special cuddle doing a massage, you will feel Rate!

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