The benefits of rest

I benefici del riposo

The benefits of rest


Sleep well and the right number of hours is fundamental  For well-being and health, but above all for beauty: the external appearance is very affected by night rest, so much so that the skin will be much younger and bright after having benefited from the right hours of sleep!


But let's go by degrees, and we discover all the benefits of rest together.


The look

The gaze is one of the first things to be influenced by the right rest. Farewell puffy bags and dark circles, welcome look rested and relaxed.


Luminous skin

During the hours of sleep the skin cells regenerate much faster than when you wake up: sleep 7/8 hours will allow your skin to regenerate sufficiently to make it appear bright and expanse. I recommend though, never go to bed without first causing your face carefully, to eliminate trick-up make-up- and the smog accumulated during the day! Also make sure you have fed and hydrated the skin with the right products: at night the skin welcomes and best transposes the active ingredients that you will apply through sera or creams.

Lose weight

There is a correlation between sleeping well and slimming: respecting the sleep-waking cycle, a metabolic balance is maintained that is essential to counteract excess pounds and therefore lose weight. If you do not rest enough, you create a hormonal imbalance that causes an increase in appetite and a slowdown in metabolism. Furthermore, one of the reasons made of sleep An ally of those who want to lose weight is the increase in the synthesis of leptin, the hormone of satiety, and a decrease in the Grille, the hormone that stimulates the appetite instead. So to sleep badly and little enough to eat more.


Reviewed some benefits taken from an adequate rest, below some tips to let themselves fall more easily into the arms of Morpheus.



Progressive muscle relaxation

It is one of the techniques used to combat insomnia and states of tension, anxiety or stress, based on the relaxation of some muscle groups and that favors a state of mental calm, useful for contrasting that of hyper-activation that usually affects the status of insomnia.

This technique consists in focusing one's attention on the various body muscles sequentially and progressive: to contract the muscle for a few seconds, notice the feeling of tension and relaxation when it stops to contract the muscle, will help try a pleasant Feeling of body wellness that will translate into well-being also mental.

Coffee and caffeine

Given that coffee, stimulating the nervous system, prevents the body from naturally relaxing, we must now keep in mind that caffeine can remain in the blood up to 6-8 hours. Therefore, if you have sleep disorders or if you are particularly sensitive to caffeine, we do not recommend drinking large coffee doses after 15:00.

If you can't give up a cup of coffee in the late afternoon or evening, better to opt for decaffeinated or tea.

Reduce blue light during evening hours

Blue light is especially emitted by electronic-smartphone and computer devices. His presence during the evening hours illuminates the brain that is still day, consequently inhibiting the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for relaxation and sleep.

We advise you to download applications to block blue light or set night mode on your smartphone during evening hours and turn off all the lights intense at least two hours before going to sleep.

Herbal teas

Some herbs contain active substances capable of facilitating relaxation and sleep. Obviously, not being drugs, the teas for sleeping do not constitute a cure for sleep disorders like theinsomnia; However, they may prove useful remedies in the most mild and non-pathological cases.

To name a few: Valeriana, Melissa, Chamomile

 Environment and perfume

The surrounding environment is very important to allow the brain to relax and let yourself be completely going into the arms of Morpheo: try to create a space for peaceful, warm, welcoming and, why not, even scented! The hours passed to sleep in fact should be scented to promote more positive dreams: choose the fragrance that you like best to make sure sweet dreams!

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