The 60's mini

The 60s miniskirt

Let's take a trip over time and go back a few decades. Colors, lines, flowers, polka dots, op-art: here they are the beloved 60s, here the key word is Revolution.

Period of the strong youth protest, where young people, protagonists of this era, want to claim their freedom and get out of the rigid schemes of previous generations: one of these concerns the austere style of the French Haute Couture.

Here are young people who want to create their own style: free, colorful, provocative and exciting. They want to revolutionize music, sexual habits, politics, worldship and language. It is 1963 and this period of post-war revolution is called Swinging London.

The styles that are shown during the Swinging London rang from that hippy to the musical influence of the Beatles, the Beatlemania.

Who invented the miniskirt

But the absolute protagonist of Swinging London is Mary Quant, the most famous and influential stylist, which accompanies young people in their revolution with a net cut, bringing the tissue higher than a few centimeters from the knee: here is the birth of the MINISKIRT.

The miniskirt, new must Of the time, it means youth, freedom, desire to move: practice as a pair of jeans but more pretty, as the same quint says. The miniskirt sweeps via the fashion fashion with its rules and impositions: women have the chance to enjoy their own dress with fun.

A new world opens, fashion becomes independent: no one requires you what to put.

The miniskirt is a real revolution in fashion, criticized by the great stylists including Coco Chanel who considers it unexplicted; While in France even bringing the miniskirt was a provocative act and an incitement to sexual violence.

But the mini is a symbol of rebellion, of emancipation: she accompanies women to get out of that male vision of inferiority and modesty.


The English model of the 60s who conscribed the miniskirt

Twiggy, the favorite model of the quant, she is the first to wear the mini. She becomes the top model par excellence: fracile, check, totally changes the appearance of the models that were formose and elegant before her, taking upwind and rebellious poses with the almost androgyous physicist.

Twiggy: Symbol of change and icon for many girls of the time.

A typical total look that accompanies the mini They are colored tights, tight rubber boots and skinny rib, ribbed jersey. The trick is from "dolly bird": Super make-up eyes and naked lips. The bob, the fringe, the ponytail and the chips to the boy or geometric were in perfect harmony with the new mini fashion which made it all fun, exaggerated and provocative.


Claudia Pallotta

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