#IORESTOACASA: campagna mishmish contro il coronavirus

#Iorestoacasa: 10 things to do to fight boredom and make quarantine fruitful


You have to stay at home. An order that comes imperative to contain the spread of the coronavirus. More and more restrictive standards that require us to stay at home unless strictly necessary, for our health and that of others. Definitely the idea of ​​not being able to go out for so many days almost everyone, but in reality of activities to do at home, to which we can generally not dedicate ourselves for lack of time, there are so many!

The question arises spontaneously, especially for those who cannot work even via smart working and have all the free day: what can we do at home?

Accustomed to frantic working rhythms, predetermined times for appointments, gym and that little free time that remains in the evening, it is definitely strange for everyone to have so much free time. To help you fight boredom during this time of difficulty, we have collected some advice on what to do at home to spend time. This forced "pause" can be an opportunity to take care of oneself and one's body, read, go shopping online, place the house ... Let's find out together 10 things to do that will keep them busy and make more fun and fruitful our days!


1. Create a new routine

That belonging to the group of those who are always late in the morning and don't even have a second to have breakfast, or at the most early and active, creating a new morning routine can help you start the day with the right foot. You can prepare a nice breakfast, perhaps based on pancakes seasoned with fresh fruit. You will also have time to treat yourself an extra cuddle, a nice warm bath with lots of foam, a regenerating scrub, a face mask, a scrupulous application of the cream to better hydate. In short, you are free to create a real housewife spa, even with natural products at your disposal. What better way to start the day if not taking care of yourself?

Discover our Beauty tips on hair care, How to prepare homemade scrub and on the Skincare winter!


2. Make the load of endorphins with a nice workout!

We don't have to give up your workout just because the gyms are closed. Of course, it can be difficult to start but once taken the pace you can no longer stop! Make the load of energies with a short but intense workout. Predigate circuits that increase cardiovascular activity such as Tabata circuits that consist of 20 'seconds of activity and 10' seconds of pause.

Following a workout composed of mini-circuits Tabata that involve all muscle groups and each consists of 6 total body exercises. We have developed this training specifically for you by the Personal Trainer Valeria Pace (@ k_e_m_87) to be able to do quietly at home without any tool!


3/4 Rounds (20 'of operation and 10' pause)


Jumping Jack


Plank Jack

Touch Down Jack

Mountain Climber


3/4 Rounds (20 'of operation and 10' pause)





Sit up

Scissors (scissors)


3/4 Rounds (20 'of operation and 10' pause)


Military Plank

Front Lunges (lunges)

Touch Shoulder

Push Up / Knee push up

Side Lunges


All exercises can be found on Google and YouTube in case of difficulty, and you can then download an app that keeps you account of time and rounds, there are really lots of them!


3. Cook!

You can finally give vent to your imagination and why not recreate some special dishes tasted at the restaurant or seen in a television program. A fun and especially tasty pastime! You will also have the whole time to tidy up and clean the kitchen in-depth without haste therefore, why not?

P.S. Order your home shopping if you can, doing so help to reduce dangerous files and contacts between people in supermarkets.


4. Arrange your closet

The much hated and feared change of season approaches, but this year you have a new weapon with which to face it .. the quarantine!

So much free time available to proceed to step, mentally dividing your closet in sectors and proceeding calmly and ordering, taking advantage of all shelves and drawers to deepen all the shelves and drawers and doing together a sort of all that we don't wear more and we can give To someone who needs it or dispose of in the appropriate clothing containers.


5. Cleaning Therapy! Clean home is good for your health

Rediscover the psychophysical well-being of dusting, washing the floors and tidy up the house. Even cleaning is a physical exercise form, moreover regular and hypnotic movements will favor a mental relaxation and will make room for the idea of ​​renovation and cleanliness, fundamental more than usual right now. Pay particular attention to sanitizing surfaces and handles with solutions containing chlorine (such as bleach) or alcohol (at least 70%). Furthermore, a clean, orderly and pleasant smell will make you more want to spend time!


6. Enrich yourself by reading a nice book

How long have you not dedicated an hour of reading in silence, without distractions, perhaps on the sofa with a plaid and a scented candle turned on to help your concentration? This is the right time to dedicate yourself to the wonderful hobby of reading, which is a romantic novel, a thriller, a fantasy or a book that deepens a topic to which you are passionate about, reading is always good! The time will spend a pleasant way without even you notice and page after page you will be able to relax and immerse yourself more and more in your book, forgetting even just for a while of everything that is happening outside.


7. Write and call your loved ones

Unfortunately, in this particular moment the physical proximity is prohibited, but what better time to remind us of the importance of being close to the people we love with a phone call? Call your parents if you can't see them, but above all your grandparents and your relatives that you almost never see. A simple phone call can soothe their loneliness and give him security and love, even if at a distance.

For the youngest and for those who can why not use video call? A powerful medium to be able to see and talk at the same time, reassuring those on the other side imagine alone and sad at home, you will find that a smile in video camera can really make a difference!


8. Learn something new with an online course

Is there anything you should always want to learn but haven't you had time? What better time than this to learn a new passion, a new hobby or to deepen a topic you are already passionate about.

You can start a course online today and give you a fixture with e-learning every day! Creating a new routine made of little things will help you shorten your days and learn something will make them more fruitful.


9. Streaming and chill

Below we know that you have always wanted an excuse to not get up from the sofa or bed. Finally you can send that series of which everyone spoke and that you hadn't had time to see. The numerous streaming platforms available like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Infinity to mention only a few, offer an infinite number of TV series, films and documentaries.

And for those who are not able to let go and has the perennial feeling of "wasting time" is a great time to learn a new language seeing the TV series and movies in the original language, for example in English or Spanish, with subtitles in Italian For those who are in the first weapons or those in language for the most advanced.


10. Online shopping

The classic "ride to shops" of the weekend has been denied, this is true, but we really want to compare the stressful rows to the dressing rooms and to the box to shop in comfortable homemade clothing, late in the evening and with a nice glass of red wine directly From our sofa? All we want is just a click away, unleash the imagination and buy new outfits to wear when you can finally go out again!


We too, in light of uncertainty that we are all facing daily with the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19), we thought of creating an active promotion during this quarantine period. In fact until April 3, entering the discount code Iorestoacasa to checkout will be applied 30% discount on all products (excluding those already on sale)! We hope to relieve and lighten this quarantine with a bit of healthy online shopping and with our advice!


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Good quarantine, be positive and don't forget to take care of yourself!


Mishmish 🍑 team

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